Adam Caskey

  • Holiday Recipe: Ginger Snap Cookies

    12/23/13 1:11 PM

    If you've waited until today to bake holiday cookies, you're probably looking for a super-simple recipe. Well look no further. Adam Caskey's Ginger Snaps are easy and will put you in the holiday spirit.


  • Adam Caskey's mom talks about Adam's homemade winter hats

    2/22/13 8:34 AM Comment

    Adam Caskey wears a lot of hats during his live weather reports on Good Morning Washington. And guess who the designer, creator and knitter is behind his one-of-a-kind caps? His mom!


  • The weathermen of Movember

    11/26/12 1:31 PM Comment

    ABC7 and NewsChannel 8's weathermen have been sporting facial hair for the month of November and it's all for a great cause.