Arch Campbell

  • Arch Campbell on Breaking Bad

    9/30/13 6:18 PM

    Breaking Bad started small in January, 2008, with Brian Cranston as Walter White, a financially struggling chemistry teacher diagnosed with cancer. Needing money for treatment and his family, he uses his chemistry skill to cook meth, making millions and transforming to mobster.

  • Rush movie review by Arch Campbell

    9/26/13 6:05 PM

    The feature film Rush recreates the racing world of the 1970's and the rivalry between Formula One drivers Nicki Lauda and James Hunt.

  • Arch Campbell on the Emmy's

    9/23/13 6:04 PM

    Here's Arch's take on the Emmy's.

  • Prisoners movie review by Arch Campbell

    9/19/13 6:14 PM

    The movie Prisoners begins with Hugh Jackman's daughter and a friend going outside to play and vanishing.

  • Will Haygood speaks with Arch Campbell

    9/10/13 6:11 PM

    Hollywood got the idea for the hit movie “The Butler” from Washington Post writer Will Haygood's profile of Eugene Allen, who lived through the civil rights-era while working at the White House.

  • 'Riddick' movie review by Arch Campbell

    9/5/13 6:09 PM

    Riddick begins with Vin Diesel exiled to a desolate planet, where he hatches a plan to steal a ship belonging to bounty hunters. If you know the series, you know that Riddick is wanted for multiple murders that were not really his fault.

  • Arch Campbell on the summer's big flops

    9/2/13 6:07 PM

    The Lone Ranger did not ride again. The script ran long. The stunts cost too much. And Johnny Depp's Tonto made the Lone ranger look like a dope. The results lost millions for Disney.

  • Closed Circuit movie review by Arch Campbell

    8/29/13 6:21 PM

    Closed Circuit starts strong, with a terrorist incident that blows up a London market. Authorities make an arrest and appoint Eric Bana and Rebecca Hall as the accused man's defense.

  • The World's End movie review by Arch Campbell

    8/26/13 6:08 PM

    Simon Pegg reunites his high school buddies for a mid-life pub crawl in “The World's End.”

  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie review by Arch Campbell

    8/22/13 6:09 PM

    In The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, Lily Collins discovers she's half angel, half human and has the ability to help fight the demons who walk our earth.

  • Calvin Scott speaks with Arch Campbell

    8/19/13 6:07 PM

    Eugene Allen’s second cousin, Calvin Scott, owns a barber shop on Lake Arbor Way in Largo, Md.

  • 'The Butler' and 'Jobs' movie reviews by Arch Campbell

    8/15/13 5:58 PM

    Based on a Washington Post story about a White House butler whose life spanned America’s civil rights revolution, “The Butler” reminds audiences of that era through the eyes of Forest Whitaker.


  • Elysium movie review by Arch Campbell

    8/12/13 6:03 PM

    In 2154, if you have the money, you can live on Elysium, a space station full of mini mansions, with clean air, and machines that cure all disease. The other 99 percent live like dogs on planet earth.

  • The Wolverine movie review by Arch Campbell

    7/25/13 6:19 PM

    The Wolverine travels to Japan, where Hugh Jackman protects a wealthy businessman's granddaughter from forces that want to prevent her from taking over the family corporation.


  • Fruitvale Station's Octavia Spencer standout performance

    7/22/13 6:15 PM Comment

    Fruitvale Station features Octavia Spencer as the mother of Oscar Grant, whose death during an arrest by an Oakland Transit policeman sparked outrage similar to that surrounding Treyvon Martin.

  • Fruitvale Station movie review by Arch Campbell

    7/18/13 6:18 PM Comment

    On New Year’s Day 2009, 22-year-old Oscar Grant of Oakland got into a scuffle on the BART train. Transit police pulled him and several others off at Fruitvale Station. During the arrest, an officer fired a gun. Oscar Grant died.

  • Pacific Rim movie review by Arch Campbell

    7/11/13 6:12 PM Comment

    Pacific Rim hits the screen this Friday with a with a clash between time that holds the fate of the world's great cities at stake.

  • Union Market in D.C. holds drive-in movie showings

    7/8/13 6:04 PM Comment

    The Union Market has a giant white wall facing a parking lot. It’s perfect for showing movies. So film activist Jon Gann pitched the idea of a drive in to the market and to D.C. Arts Commission and a summer treat resulted.

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