• The DC Brawlers

    8/25/14 3:37 PM Comment

    You've heard of the National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, and the National Football League. But what about the National Professional Grid League? Grid is a competition sport that combines strategy, brute physical power and agility. Athletes compete in 11 races over two hours.

  • Balancing nutrition and fitness

    6/3/14 2:31 PM Comment

    Getting in shape for swimsuit season doesn't mean trying fad diets or insane workouts. Instead, balancing proper nutrition and healthy exercise will have you beach-ready in no time!

  • Michael Mutryn, UMD student, found dead with guns and drugs in apartment

    4/21/14 8:48 PM

    In the student's room in this off-campus apartment building, police found two 9MM handguns, crack cocaine, the drug ecstasy, and hypodermic needles.