• Where The Wild Things Are celebrates 50th anniversary

    11/21/13 8:34 AM

    One of the most widely ready children's books is celebrating its golden anniversary on Saturday, and a wild rumpus it will be at bookstores nationwide.

  • Tom Clancy dies at 66

    10/2/13 5:56 PM

    Famed author and Maryland native Tom Clancy has died at 66, ABC News has confirmed.

  • Chinua Achebe dies: Nigerian author, dissident passes away at 82

    3/22/13 9:21 AM Comment

    Chinua Achebe, the internationally celebrated Nigerian author, statesman and dissident who gave literary birth to modern Africa and continued for decades to rewrite and reclaim the history of his native country, has died.

  • "Topgun Days"

    2/18/13 5:15 PM Comment

    Dave Baranek, the author of "Topgun Days," came on the show to tell us about his experience as a Naval Flight Officer.

  • "Love at First Flight"

    2/8/13 9:29 AM Comment

    Bud Orr, a retired Navy captain, and his wife, Fran, came on the show to talk about their book "Love at first flight."

  • "Confessions of a Worrywart" by Susan Orlins

    2/5/13 5:19 PM Comment

    Author Susan Orlins came on the show to talk with Natasha and Melanie about her book, "Confessions of a Worryward."

  • "The Sixth Station"

    1/24/13 5:44 PM Comment

    Linda Stasi, an award-winning columnist, sat down with Natasha to talk about her fist novel, "The Sixth Station".

  • "Circle of Treason"

    1/23/13 4:22 PM Comment

    Sandy Grimes, a former CIA agent and the author of "Circle of Treason", came on the show today to talk about her experience in taking down CIA mole Aldrich Ames.

  • "Was it Something I Said?"

    1/4/13 9:48 AM Comment

    Social media, emailing, and texting have created opportunities for dating missteps and humiliation.

  • "My Sisters the Saints"

    12/6/12 1:44 PM Comment

    Author, journalist, and former speechwriter for President George W. Bush Colleen Carroll Campbell came on the show to talk about her new book, "My Sisters the Saints."

  • Holiday book fair in Alexandria

    12/5/12 1:38 PM Comment

    Authors Matthew Iden and Kristin Levine came on Let's Talk Live to talk about a holiday book fair going on this Saturday at Grounded Coffee in Alexandria.

  • Holiday breadsticks

    12/4/12 12:54 PM Comment

    Author Nick Malgieri came on the show to show us an easy way to make breadsticks and to talk about his new cookbook, "Bread."

  • "Picture Perfect"

    11/21/12 1:15 PM Comment

    Author Lakia Brandenburg came on the show today to talk about her new book "Picture Perfect."

  • New cookbook: "A taste of Virginia Tech"

    11/16/12 12:28 PM Comment

    Krista Gallagher, the author of the new cookbook "A Taste of Virginia Tech," came on the show to talk about some of the most coveted dishes from the university dining establishments.

  • "Beauty, Disrupted" by CarrĂ© Otis

    11/1/12 3:09 PM Comment

    Formel supermodel and actress Carré Otis talked to Natasha about her new book, "Beauty, Disrupted".

  • The ladies of Georgetown Cupcake

    10/23/12 1:20 PM Comment

    Sophie and Katherine, the sisters behind Georgetown Cupcake came on the show to talk to Melanie and Natasha about their new book, "Sweet Celebrations".

  • Author Maimah Karmo

    10/17/12 1:25 PM Comment

    Maimah Karmo joined Natasha to talk about her new book "Fearless: Awakening to My Life's Purpose Through Breast Cancer".