• Winter’s absence in December

    12/22/11 6:04 AM Comment

    So, here we are… the eve before the first day of Astronomical winter and what do we have to show for this month so far?? Not much at all… as a matter of fact, we’ve gone in just the opposite direction to what winter is typically like in the nation’s capital in December.

  • How common are averages in weather?

    12/4/11 10:26 PM Comment

    You see it on the weather report practically every day, but just how often do we really see temperatures hit their average for the day?

  • Here comes the rain again…

    11/13/11 11:58 PM Comment

    The weather has been anything but calm across the D.C. region this year with well-above normal precipitation. Adding to the growing yearly totals, more rain will arrive next week.