• Energizer, Duracell rate as top batteries by Consumer Reports

    12/23/13 5:56 PM

    The most popular battery size in the United States is the trusty AA cell, but not all batteries work the same. Which batteries tested the best?

  • Boeing 787 battery testing probed by NTSB

    4/23/13 8:24 AM Comment

    As airlines prepare to begin flying Boeing's beleaguered 787 Dreamliners again, federal investigators are looking at how regulators and the company tested and approved the plane's cutting-edge battery system.

  • Boeing Dreamliner could fly next month

    4/19/13 8:32 AM Comment

    A Published report says the Federal Aviation Administration is poised to approve Boeing's fix for the lithium-ion batteries that had overheating problems which grounded the 787 fleet.

  • Kids swallowing batteries increasing

    5/14/12 5:50 PM Comment

    A new study, from the journal Pediatrics, finds that about 65,000 kids have been taken to emergency rooms after swallowing button batteries or putting them into their ears or noses.