• D.C. barbershop holds preventive screenings to boost cancer awareness

    4/23/15 6:26 PM

  • How to add color to your spring look

    4/14/15 1:17 PM Comment

    Spring is a great time to be fun and add some color to your make-up and wardrobe.

  • Styling and caring for natural hair

    3/31/15 6:22 PM Comment

    Loc Lov hair salon specializes in natural hair care and elegant loc artistry. They take a holistic educational approach that promotes strong and healthy hair.

  • Miss World America

    1/12/15 2:23 PM Comment

    This past weekend, local women competed to become Miss World America state representatives.

  • Red carpet fashion through the ages

    1/8/15 3:34 PM Comment

    Red carpet season is officially here, and celebrities have been working on their looks for the Golden Globes this weekend. In honor of the occasion, we wanted to see how red carpet trends have changed through the ages.

  • Homemade beauty products

    12/19/14 3:30 PM Comment

    Instead of breaking the bank on store-bought items this holiday season, why not give homemade beauty gifts that are simple and inexpensive to make?

  • Extend the life of your beauty products

    12/15/14 3:21 PM Comment

    Makeup and beauty products are definitely not cheap, so you don't want to have to shell out the big bucks for new supplies every few weeks!

  • Get the most out of your beauty services

    12/5/14 3:11 PM Comment

    We all want to look our best for holiday parties and festivities this season, and for many, that means scheduling beauty services at a salon. But, if you're going to be paying for salon services, you want to make sure you're getting the most bang for your buck!

  • Look fabulous while on the go

    12/3/14 4:00 PM Comment

    Over the next month, most of us will have jam-packed schedules. Whether you're hopping from holiday party to holiday party, or jet setting to visit family and friends, it can be tough to find the time to stick to your usual beauty routine!

  • Salon Nordine gives local blogger a makeover

    10/7/14 12:59 PM Comment

    Many of us change our wardrobe every season to stay in fashion, so shouldn't we be changing our hairstyles, too? Keeping up with the latest hair trends can be tricky, but we were joined by two stylists to break things down.

  • Autumn fashion and beauty tips

    10/1/14 4:37 PM Comment

    When the temperature drops and day light is shorter, we're troubled with static-stricken hair, dry skin and goose bumps.

  • Transition your skin from summer to fall

    8/28/14 3:23 PM Comment

    As the summer comes to a closer and the weather starts to change, your skin regimen needs to change, too!

  • Ubiquitous Hair & Health Trade Show

    8/25/14 3:53 PM Comment

    The Ubiquitous Hair and Health Trade Show is a weekend packed with seminars, entertainment and nearly 100 health, hair and beauty vendors. It's a chance to learn about some of the best new products on the market, as well as meet award-winning entertainers.

  • Miss Plus USA Competition

    7/30/14 3:12 PM Comment

    The very first Miss Plus USA Competition will be held next month! It's a national, multi-phase competition for women who wear double-digit sizes.

  • Look fabulous for less on your wedding day

    6/24/14 4:48 PM Comment

    Weddings can be costly and everyone is looking to save a buck.

  • Rejuvenate your skin for summer

    5/23/14 3:54 PM Comment

    After the dreadfully long and cold winter, it's nice to finally see some warmer weather. However, before heading off for some fun in the sun, it's important to know how to rejuvenate and protect your skin for the summer months.

  • Earth Month Beauty

    4/2/14 5:17 PM Comment

    April is know as Earth Month...

  • Red carpet beauty tips

    2/28/14 3:58 PM Comment

    On Oscars night, all eyes are watching the red carpet and celebrities have to look their best. But how do they do it?

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