Bonnie Mcdaniel

  • Healthy body image

    2/22/13 1:03 PM Comment

    Bonnie McDaniel sat down with Natasha to discuss six things you can do to help your daughter develop a good self-image.

  • Bonnie McDaniel

    2/5/13 3:09 PM Comment


  • How to avoid getting sick this season

    1/10/13 12:27 PM Comment

    Bonnie McDaniel of Recipes for Good Living magazine came on the show today to talk about how you can stay healthy and avoid getting the flu this season.

  • How to pick the right spa

    11/30/12 1:43 PM Comment

    -Bonnie McDaniel of Recipes for Good Living Magazine joined Malnie to tell us about things we should look for when choosing a spa.

  • Halloween activities for your kids

    10/31/12 1:08 PM Comment

    Bonnie McDaniel of "Recipes for Good Living" magazine joined Melanie to talk about ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that will help capture the spirit Halloween.