• Obama 2015 budget focuses on boosting economy

    3/4/14 12:11 PM

    President Barack Obama is sending Congress a $3.9 trillion election-year budget that would funnel money into road building, education and other programs aimed at bolstering the economy and creating jobs.

  • County to review Montgomery College budget plan

    2/27/14 7:14 AM

    The Montgomery County Executive wants to budget $348 million for Montgomery College's capital improvements plan over the next six years.

  • More snow brings budget woes to Frederick

    2/18/14 7:27 AM

    Frederick County has now spent millions to keep the roads safe during winter weather. Now they're looking to reserve funds if and when another batch of winter weather hits.


  • Virginia House, Senate unveil competing budget proposals

    2/17/14 6:26 AM

    The Virginia House and Senate unveiled budget proposals Sunday with competing views on whether to accept federal funds to provide health insurance to low-income Virginians.

  • Valentine's Day gifts on a budget

    2/11/14 4:43 PM Comment

    Between dinner, flowers, chocolates and gifts, Valentine's Day can be one of the most expensive holidays of the year! But, it doesn't have to be.

  • Truck crashes into Maryland tire store

    1/7/14 7:36 AM

    Two men are seriously injured, after their Budget rental truck crashed into a tire store.

  • Metro budget public survey available online

    1/3/14 10:42 AM

    Metro is asking customers for comment on the transit agency's proposed fiscal year 2015 budget and fare changes.

  • Unemployment benefits expire for 1 million households

    12/28/13 3:19 PM

    Holiday cheer may be a little harder to come by in more than a million American households starting today. 

  • New Year's Eve fashion on a budget

    12/27/13 4:31 PM Comment

    We all want to look great to ring in the new year, but buying a fancy, brand new outfit can be expensive.

  • Bipartisan budget agreement clears Congress

    12/18/13 6:23 PM

    The legislation passed the Democratic-controlled Senate on a vote of 64-36, six days after clearing the Republican-run House by a similarly bipartisan margin of 332-94.

  • Budget deal: Obama expected to sign off on Wednesday

    12/17/13 10:05 PM

    Year-end legislation to ease Congress' chronic budget brinkmanship and soften across-the-board spending cuts moved to the cusp of final passage Tuesday, a rare display of Senate bipartisanship that masked strong Republican complaints about slicing into military retirement benefits.

  • Budget bill passes Senate cloture vote

    12/17/13 10:50 AM

    The Senate advanced the measure over a filibuster threshold on a 67-33 vote that ensures the measure will pass the Democratic-led chamber no later than Wednesday and head to the White House to be signed into law.

  • Democrats optimistic about Senate passing budget deal

    12/16/13 10:42 PM

    Bipartisan legislation to soften across-the-board spending cuts gained ground among Senate Republicans on Monday and Democrats expressed optimism it would gain the 60 votes needed to pass by week's end.

  • New budget deal reached

    12/16/13 3:42 PM Comment

    Jaffe interview December 12, 2013

  • Virginia's 2013 budget prioritizes mental health, education

    12/16/13 12:58 PM

    The spending blueprint the outgoing Virginia governor outlined in a speech to the General Assembly's two money committees is nearly $10 billion larger than the biennial budget that expires July 1, 2014.

  • Inside Washington - Dec. 15, 2013

    12/14/13 1:50 PM

    At long last, Congress seems on the precipice of a budget deal, and that's the major topic of discussion on this week's edition of Inside Washington

  • Budget deal now in the hands of the Senate

    12/13/13 6:48 PM

    One day after winning lopsided House approval, bipartisan legislation to ease across-the-board spending cuts and reduce economy-rattling budget brinkmanship appears likely to command the 60 votes necessary to clear the Senate, officials in both parties said Friday.

  • House passes bipartisan budget, deal now moves on to Senate

    12/12/13 11:18 PM

    The House has given sweeping bipartisan approval to a budget bill backed by both President Barack Obama, his Democratic allies and a big majority of the chamber's Republicans.

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