• D.C. businesses help out furloughed workers

    10/9/13 6:19 PM

    A sign outside Sapore Oil and Vinegar on Pennsylvania Avenue Southeast is getting attention these days – owner Renee Farr is offering a 10-percent discount for all furloughed federal workers, but tacking on an extra 10-percent for any member of Congress.

  • Ron Burgundy tapped by Chrysler to sell Dodge Durango (video)

    10/8/13 8:08 AM

    Chrysler is airing a series of popular ads starring Will Ferrell, as TV anchorman Ron Burgundy, for its new Dodge Durango model.

  • Twitter reveals plans for going public, hopes to raise $1 billion

    10/3/13 8:20 PM

    Twitter has unsealed the documents for its planned initial public offering of stock and says it hopes to raise up to $1 billion in one of the year's most eagerly awaited stock market debuts.

  • Government shutdown 2013: Business groups side with Obama

    10/2/13 2:01 PM

    The U.S. Chamber of Commerce has sent a letter to Congress signed by about 250 business groups urging no shutdown and warning that a debt ceiling crisis could lead to an economic disaster.

  • PenPlace project approved by Arlington County Board

    9/23/13 7:14 PM

    A change in the season also brought with it future changes to Arlington. This weekend, the Arlington County Board approved a massive mixed-use development project known as PenPlace.

  • Government shutdown warnings amid Obamacare debate

    9/23/13 6:17 PM

    After seeing a record high for the DOW last week, it was a rockier ride on Monday for investors nervous about the real possibility of a government shutdown next week -- as well as a possible U.S. default on debt later in the month.

  • BMW recalls over 134,000 5-Series cars

    9/20/13 2:46 PM

    BMW is recalling more than 134,000 5-Series cars in the U.S. because the rear lights can fail.

  • Martin O'Malley responds to Rick Perry's anti-Maryland ads

    9/18/13 1:10 PM

    Maryland Governor Martin O'Malley responded to Texas Governor Rick Perry's anti-Maryland advertisements with an op-ed in Wednesday's Washington Post.


  • Tanger Outlets job fair draws thousands

    9/17/13 6:40 PM

    Ten thousand people with ten thousand different reasons are all working toward the same objective: finding a job. Tanger Outlets is hosting a massive job fair to get ready for the new mall at National Harbor -- and job seekers are flooding in by the bus load.


  • IRS budget cuts affect tax enforcement

    9/17/13 4:43 PM

    Budget cuts are hurting the Internal Revenue Service's ability to go after tax cheats, the agency's inspector general said Tuesday.

  • Wegmans opens store in Germantown

    9/15/13 4:51 PM

    Nearly 1,000 people lined up at 7 a.m. Sunday for the grand opening of Wegmans in Germantown.

  • United Airlines mistake fares will be honored

    9/13/13 11:21 PM

    United Airlines said on Friday that it will honor the tickets it accidentally gave away for free, which is good news for people who snapped up the tickets on Thursday after United listed airfares at $0.

  • Rick Perry says Maryland is a bad place for business

    9/11/13 6:42 PM

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry has been on a crusade lately to attract business to the Lone Star State while saying that other states are bad places to operate companies. His latest target is Maryland.

  • Google privacy lawsuit resumes

    9/10/13 6:01 PM

    Attorneys suing Google for enabling its camera-carrying vehicles to collect emails and Internet passwords  look forward to resuming their case now that a federal appeals court has ruled in their favor.

  • Chobani says mold in yogurt does not carry disease

    9/6/13 2:04 PM

    Yogurt maker Chobani says the mold that triggered a recall of some of its Greek yogurt cups this week is not associated with foodborne illnesses like salmonella or E. coli.

  • McDonald's exploring changes to Dollar Menu

    9/4/13 1:41 PM

    McDonald's says it has been testing versions of its famous value menu that's called "Dollar Menu & More" in five markets across the country. It includes some items priced at $5 and more.

  • American Airlines-U.S. Airways: Lawsuit to block merger to begin November

    8/30/13 3:58 PM

    The companies were close to completing a merger to create the world's biggest airline, but the Justice Department and six states sued this month to block the deal. They said it would reduce competition and lead to higher prices for travelers.

  • Retail giants blame poor economic conditions for falling sales

    8/15/13 6:47 PM

    Reduced spending this season is being blamed on higher taxes and wak pay, among other things. But the impact could go far beyond the retail giants.

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