• Chefs face off at the Hill Country Barbecue Market Chili Cook-Off

    2/19/15 3:25 PM Comment

    There's nothing better than a bowl of chili on a cold day! That's why Hill Country Barbecue Market is hosting their annual Chili Cook-Off to beat the winter blues!

  • The ONE Campaign teams up with celebrity chefs

    12/3/14 4:01 PM Comment

    You may have seen some cardboard cutouts of Harry Reid and John Boehner dressed as electrical workers around DC this week. They're not just a random prank, they're part of a campaign to bring energy access to 50 million people in sub-Saharan Africa.

  • Capital Food Fight

    11/6/14 12:56 PM Comment

    Next week, DC foodies can see some of the best chefs in the city compete in Iron Chef style battles and high stakes pastry competitions. It' all part of the Annual Capital Food Fight to benefit DC Central Kitchen.

  • Carla Hall hosts Chefs Take a Stand

    10/3/14 2:33 PM Comment

    Domestic violence is a serious issue that affects families around the world. Female chefs are taking a stand to end it.They're doing it with a charity event that combines top notch food and creative cocktails to support the National Network to End Domestic Violence.

  • Culinary elite roasts D.C. chef Nora Pouillon for charity

    9/23/14 12:49 AM

  • Local chef competes in "Hell's Kitchen"

    9/8/14 3:55 PM Comment

    Season 13 of "Hell's Kitchen" promises to be dramatic, intense, and above all, competitive. Starting this Wednesday, one local chef will be taking orders from Celebrity Chef Gordon Ramsey.

  • Cooking for DC's power elite

    8/28/14 3:19 PM Comment

    Cooking for the President of the United States is a daunting task, but one local chef is used to the pressure. He's cooked for politicians, celebrities, athletes, entertainers and more. He has also been invited to the Library of Congress National Book Festival this weekend.

  • National Tequila Day

    7/30/14 10:07 AM Comment

    Instead of making a traditional margarita, why not celebrate National Tequila Day by cooking with tequila?

  • National Pecan Pie Day

    7/11/14 3:55 PM Comment

    July 12th is National Pecan Pie Day! How are you planning to celebrate?

  • National Empanada Month

    4/3/14 4:33 PM Comment

    April is National Empanada Month, which means it's a chance to celebrate the delicious stuffed pastries all month long!

  • Eat4Life colon-friendly cook-off

    3/14/14 3:31 PM Comment

    If you're curious about the signs in the DC area that say, "Love Your Butt," we've got answers for you! March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation is promoting colon-health through nutritional food.

  • How to make the perfect pizza crust at home

    2/26/14 5:32 PM Comment

    Making a pizza from scratch can be daunting - mostly because it seems almost impossible to get the crust just right!

  • Chef RoblĂ© Ali's New Perfume

    1/30/14 3:38 PM Comment

    Valentine's Day gift shopping can be tricky, but perfume is usually a hit with the ladies!

  • Diplomats at D.C. Central Kitchen serve homeless

    11/21/13 11:13 PM

    'Tis the season for giving thanks, and dozens of diplomats are doing just that. They rolled up their sleeves Thursday and made meals for those who frequently go without.

  • Dinner at The Federalist

    1/23/13 4:25 PM Comment

    After just celebrating their one-year anniversary, The Federalist has become one of downtown Washingtons staple restaurants.

  • Roberto Donna: Esquire magazine's "Chef of the Year"

    10/17/12 1:26 PM Comment

    Roberto Donna, Esquire Magazine's new "Chef of the Year", came on the show to talk about his accomplishment and show off some delicious dishes.

  • 10 of America's top chefs are coming to D.C. to help Rogue 24 owner

    12/29/11 9:36 PM Comment

    With master chef R.J. Cooper facing a medical emergency, ten internationally known chefs from around the country will take over Rogue 24 for one week each during the Rogue Sessions, from January 10 to March 17.