• Donald Sterling trial: Clippers owner aggravated in testimony

    7/9/14 8:38 AM

    Donald Sterling, battling to stop the sale of his beloved Los Angeles Clippers, turned a courtroom into his personal stage, railing at a lawyer questioning him, denouncing doctors who deemed him incompetent.

  • Donald Sterling agrees to let wife negotiate sale of L.A. Clippers team

    5/23/14 1:23 PM

    His wife reportedly plans to move forward with selling the team.

  • Stiviano tells Barbara Walters she loves Sterling like a father figure

    5/3/14 3:55 PM

    V. Stiviano says Donald Sterling's racist comments on an audio recording leaked to the public were not the first by the Los Angeles Clippers owner in conversations with her. But she said she still loves him like a father figure and does not believe he is a racist.

  • Apr. 29th Sportstalk

    4/29/14 10:49 PM

    Alex Parker has players and our own viewers reaction on the lifetime ban of LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling.

  • Clippers stage silent protest against owner

    4/28/14 11:27 PM

    Outrage over racist comments purportedly made by embattled Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling hit a crescendo Monday, with corporations pulling their sponsorship deals with the team.

  • Apr. 28th Sportstalk

    4/28/14 10:21 PM

    While the Wizards find themselves 1 game away from moving onto the 2nd Round of the NBA playoffs. Most headlines are about the controversial comments made allegedly by LA Clippers owner Donald Sterling. Alex Parker takes your calls on this edition of Sportstalk.

  • NBA probing alleged recording of Clippers owner making racist statements

    4/26/14 6:32 PM

    An audio recording surfaced Saturday on of a man identified as Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling telling his girlfriend not to bring black people to games. Sterling has a decades-long history of discrimination and offensive behavior.