Closing Arguments

  • Closing arguments in trial over loud music death

    2/12/14 8:15 AM

    Prosecutors and defense attorneys will make closing arguments Wednesday in the trial of a Florida man charged with fatally shooting a teen after an argument over loud music.


  • Albrecht Muth trial: Closing arguments expected Wednesday

    1/15/14 8:26 AM

    Closing arguments are expected in District of Columbia in the trial of a German man charged with killing his elderly wife, a journalist and socialite.

  • Michael Jackson videos will be star of closing arguments

    9/24/13 7:40 AM

    Michael Jackson, the performer, takes center stage today as lawyers in his mother's negligence suit make closing arguments. Jackson's videos have already been shown frequently during testimony and will be shown again today.

  • Manning arguments wrap up; judge to deliberate

    7/26/13 5:59 PM

    Army Pfc. Bradley Manning's fate was in the hands of a military judge Friday after nearly two months of conflicting portrayals of the soldier: a traitor who gave WikiLeaks classified secrets for worldwide attention and a young, naive intelligence officer who wanted people to know about the atrocities of war.

  • Bradley Manning's trial nears closing arguments

    7/25/13 5:50 AM

    The court-martial of a U.S. Army private who leaked reams of classified information is heading toward closing arguments.