• Finding the perfect pair of jeans

    12/11/14 3:40 PM Comment

    Ask any woman what she thinks about jean shopping, and you're likely to get the same response: it's a pain in the rear end! But, knowing what style is flattering for your body type can make it a whole lot simpler.

  • Finding your perfect size

    11/11/14 10:29 AM Comment

    When trying on clothes, it can be confusing. Often different brands come in different size scales. You might be a size 8 in one store and a 6 in another! But, if you know your actual measurements, finding the perfect fit is a breeze.

  • Extending the life of your clothes

    10/14/14 2:27 PM Comment

    You shouldn't let an ugly stain ruin a perfectly good dress. And don't toss that cardigan because the fabric is showing wear!

  • Back-to-school wardrobe on a budget

    8/26/14 1:21 PM Comment

    You might be almost done with our back-to-school shopping, but it's not too late to save a few bucks on those last minute items!

  • Spruce up your school uniforms

    8/8/14 4:33 PM Comment

    With summer coming to a close, school shopping is right around the corner. Unfortunately, school uniforms can put a damper on your personal style.

  • Save on back to school shopping

    7/30/14 4:01 PM Comment

    Before we know it, our kids will be headed back to school. For parents who want to save a little extra cash on this year's wardrobe, a consignment store is a great option.

  • Outfit ideas for a summer wedding

    6/23/14 2:23 PM Comment

    Wedding season is in full swing. If you're attending a wedding this summer, you may be wondering what to wear!

  • A versatile summer wardrobe

    5/12/14 1:52 PM Comment

    It's time to start planning that summer vacation...but are you an over-packer?

  • How to tie a bow tie

    5/2/14 4:04 PM Comment

    Whether you're headed to the White House Correspondent's Dinner, the Kentucky Derby, or the Gold Cup this weekend, you'll want to look your best. And for men, bow ties are in!

  • The perfect fit for a suit

    4/15/14 3:18 PM Comment

    Between work, lunch meetings, personal commitments, and family engagements, who has time to go to a tailor anymore? That's why J. Hilburn's tailors come directly to you instead.

  • Cash in your clothes with in-home consignment

    3/31/14 3:41 PM Comment

    If your closet is overflowing, but your wallet has seen better days, in-home consignment services may be the perfect solution!

  • The hottest spring fashion trends

    3/18/14 2:25 PM Comment

    From shades of pink to bold patterns, this spring is all about standing out from the crowd!

  • Old Town Boutique District Warehouse Sale

    1/31/14 3:08 PM Comment

    It may feel like winter is dragging on, but spring is on the way! And that means it's time to update your wardrobe. And at the Old Town Boutique District warehouse sale, you can do it on a budget!

  • New Year, Old Stuff

    1/2/14 5:15 PM Comment

    Everyone wants to look good, but not pay a lot to get a fashionable wardrobe.

  • Poshmark users buying, selling clothes through phone app

    5/20/13 8:08 AM Comment

    In this day and age, having your own clothing boutique doesn't necessitate a brick-and-mortar location. In fact, anyone can do it by just having a smartphone.

  • Website, app allows users to find clothes stars wear on TV

    5/17/13 11:56 AM Comment

    The latest season of Scandal may have ended Thursday night, and the storylines and drama heading into season 3 of the show are not the only things on the minds of many fans.