• The festival of colors in DC

    3/27/14 5:08 PM Comment

    Holi is a festival of colors that has origins in ancient India...but it's caught on in the West, and draws participants of all ages to celebrate the coming of spring!

  • 'Radiant Orchid' is Pantone's color of the year for 2014

    12/5/13 1:00 PM

    Officially known as Radiant Orchid, the tropical shade is a color-wheel contrast to green. Watch as ABC7's Jummy Olabanji shows off the color of the year with the help of a little TV magic.

  • No frosty temperatures yet; fall colors showing to the west

    10/20/11 10:15 PM Comment

    Here we are deep into October, 11 days from Halloween, and still no signs of frosty mornings in the Nation’s Capital! Is this normal or should we already have seen the first frost? And, where are fall colors at their best right now?