• Baking Girl Scout cookies at Old Town's Bastille!

    3/18/14 8:08 PM

    No doubt your cupboards are piling up with boxes of Thin Mints and Shortbreads and Samoas. Tommy McFly went into the kitchen with a gourmet chef and local Girl Scout troop to bring you a creative concoction.

  • Wine and Girl Scout cookie pairings

    3/11/14 3:10 PM Comment

    Skip the about trying wine with your cookies?

  • Pro tips for Valentine's Day cookie decorating

    2/11/14 4:43 PM Comment

    Williams-Sonoma offers free classes to teach customers cooking and baking techniques - such as decorating cookies.

  • Holiday Recipe: Ginger Snap Cookies

    12/23/13 1:11 PM

    If you've waited until today to bake holiday cookies, you're probably looking for a super-simple recipe. Well look no further. Adam Caskey's Ginger Snaps are easy and will put you in the holiday spirit.


  • Holiday Recipe: Jan Hagel Cookies

    12/23/13 10:17 AM

    NewsChannel 8's Holiday Cookie Swap is about to add an international flair to your recipe box. Holland, Vietnam and America are all part of Mike Conneen's Jan Hagel Cookies.



  • Holiday Recipe: Ginger Cookies

    12/23/13 8:42 AM

    Who needs gingerbread men when you can have Brian van de Graaff's favorite Ginger Cookies. This NewsChannel 8 Cookie Swap Recipe is kid-friendly and fridge-friendly if you want to put some away for the New Year.


  • Holiday Recipe: Mom's Mochi

    12/21/13 8:27 AM

    Red bean paste may not sound like your typical holiday ingredient, but it's the sweet center of Kathy Park's Mochi recipe. It's a seasonal treat straight from her mother's Korean kitchen!

  • Oreos study: How cookies and crack affect brain

    10/16/13 10:01 AM

    Researchers conducted an experiment on lab rats where they found the cookies and drugs like cocaine and morphine activated similar pleasure centers in the brain.

  • Kroger Break 'N Bake cookie recall: ConAgra recalls cookie dough because of peanuts

    8/26/13 1:33 PM

    The ConAgra recall is limited to 16 ounce packages of Kroger's Break 'N Bake Chocolate Chip cookie dough.


  • Double Stuf Oreo experiment shows cookies don't always have double cream

    8/21/13 1:08 PM

    In what's likely a stunning revelation for fans of one of America's most popular cookies, a high school math class determined that Double Stuf Oreos don't always have double the cream.

  • Girl Scout Cookie Day

    2/8/13 8:23 AM Comment

    Pick your favorite flavor! It's National Girl Scout Cookie Day and two young scouts stopped by NewsChannel 8 Friday morning to celebrate - and to share their cookies with anchor Katherine Amenta.