• Making crepes in your own kitchen

    6/26/14 3:05 PM Comment

    Making a French-style crepe sounds tricky, but it is actually much easier than you might think! If you have the right tools, you can hand-spin your very own crepes at home.

  • 22nd Annual Safeway BBQ Battle

    6/19/14 2:36 PM Comment

    This weekend, barbecue lovers will face-off in the 22nd Annual Safeway Barbecue Battle!

  • Making sustainable seafood choices

    6/19/14 2:34 PM Comment

    Did you know that the type of seafood you eat affects the health of the Chesapeake Bay? That's why it's important to make sustainable choices when you purchase seafood.

  • Slimming summer snacks

    6/18/14 3:00 PM Comment

    Summer is the season of cookouts, barbecues, and pool parties, but as a host you don't want your guests leaving feeling bloated or stuffed. 

  • Perfecting your Father's Day feast

    6/13/14 4:10 PM Comment

    Father's Day is just around the corner, so why not plan to make dad a simple and healthy dinner?

  • Grilling with beer this summer

    5/23/14 3:19 PM Comment

    This weekend, many people are preparing to spark up the why not add a little to flair to some old favorites?

  • Local Domino's manager competes for title of "World's Fastest Pizza Maker"

    5/23/14 3:19 PM Comment

    Domino's pizza employees around the world will be going head to head in a competition next month. It's all to see who will be crowned "The World's Fastest Pizza Maker."

  • National Pizza Party Day

    5/22/14 4:58 PM Comment

    We celebrated National Pizza Party Day with a few delicious pizza pies!

  • National Salad Month

    5/22/14 4:57 PM Comment

    May is National Salad Month, and we celebrated by making a variety of salads that are sure to please even the pickiest of eaters.

  • Honey cocktails from Härth

    5/12/14 1:52 PM Comment

    A lot of restaurants talk about locally sourced ingredients...but one is taking that to the next level! Härth in McLean has it's own rooftop bee hive!

  • National Shrimp Day

    5/8/14 3:12 PM Comment

    There's nothing like fresh seafood to welcome the warm weather. That's why May 10th is National Shrimp Day!

  • Art and Soul's Biscuit Bash

    5/6/14 3:29 PM Comment

    On Wednesday, five DC chefs will battle it out for the title of "best biscuit maker."

  • Gluten-free desserts

    5/6/14 3:28 PM Comment

    May is Celiac Disease Awareness Month, so we wanted to learn a little more about cooking and baking without gluten.

  • Cooking with local, seasonal produce

    4/28/14 4:02 PM Comment

    There are lots of simple ways to support the local economy and reduce your impact on the earth - and being mindful of what you put on the dinner table is one of them!

  • Eco-friendly food choices

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    If you improve your diet, your body will thank you. But Mother Earth will also benefit from your healthy food choices!

  • Easter cocktails

    4/18/14 3:08 PM Comment

    The Easter bunny isn't just for kids - the "Rabbit Snack" cocktail is a perfect drink for sipping at Easter brunch.

  • Passover dessert ideas

    4/17/14 4:45 PM Comment

    Passover is almost halfway through, so chances are, you might be running out of ideas for creative ways to use matzah!

  • Eat4Life colon-friendly cook-off

    3/14/14 3:31 PM Comment

    If you're curious about the signs in the DC area that say, "Love Your Butt," we've got answers for you! March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness Month, and the Chris4Life Colon Cancer Foundation is promoting colon-health through nutritional food.

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