Council On American-Islamic Relations

  • Multi-faith group protests Pamela Geller, conservative conference

    1/12/13 8:11 PM Comment

    Months after a debate erupted over controversial anti-Muslim billboards in some Metro stations, Pamela Geller, the woman behind those ads appeared at an event in Annapolis. CAIR-MD organized a multi-faith protest outside. 

  • Religious groups take on anti-Islam ads in Metro

    10/12/12 7:16 PM Comment

    To counter the anti-Muslim ads on display in three of the District's Metro stops, starting next week riders will be greeted with a 16' by 9' message from the Quran: "Show forgiveness, speak for justice, avoid the ignorant."

  • Falls Church cars vandalized near mosques

    9/17/12 3:09 PM Comment

    Cars near two mosques in Virginia have been vandalized amid angry protests in the Muslim world over a film produced in the U.S. denigrating the Prophet Muhammad. But police adamantly dismiss that the crimes are hate-related.