• Metro infrastructure affected by cold weather

    1/23/14 5:24 PM

    A rider photo shows a crowd of people waiting for the Blue and Yellow Lines Thursday morning after the frigid temperatures caused a rail to crack near the Reagan National Airport station.

  • Rob Ford will run again for Toronto mayor

    1/2/14 1:05 PM

    Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has put his name on the ballot to run for another term, defying repeated calls for him to step down after admitting he smoked crack "in a drunken stupor."

  • Toronto Mayor Rob Ford admits to smoking crack cocaine

    11/5/13 4:38 PM

    Rob Ford's admission to reporters Tuesday follows months of accusations during which the embattled mayor refused to step down. The allegations that he had been caught on video smoking crack surfaced in May.

  • Oreos study: How cookies and crack affect brain

    10/16/13 10:01 AM

    Researchers conducted an experiment on lab rats where they found the cookies and drugs like cocaine and morphine activated similar pleasure centers in the brain.