• The best events in D.C. on Halloween

    10/31/14 2:24 PM Comment

    Everyone's gearing up for Halloween weekend. But, do you know where you're going to celebrate?

  • Sugarloaf Crafts Festival

    10/16/14 5:07 PM Comment

    This weekend over 250 artisans will be at the Montgomery County Fairgrounds. It's all for the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

  • Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival

    9/11/14 4:17 PM Comment

    This Saturday, arts and crafts, live performers, and tasty local food will be in one place. It's all for the Annual Downtown Hyattsville Arts Festival.

  • Summer projects to keep your kids busy

    8/7/14 3:30 PM Comment

    If your kids are back at home after a whirlwind summer of camps and vacations, chances are, they're looking for some new excitement in their lives. Why not entertain them with a few fun projects that you can do with items you already have in your house?

  • The science of ice cream

    7/9/14 2:01 PM Comment

    During summer break, the last thing your kids want to think about is homework or a class project. But, learning doesn't have to feel like work.

  • A DIY 4th of July

    7/2/14 3:28 PM Comment

    Wowing your guests for the 4th of July doesn't have to cost a fortune.

  • Homemade Father's Day gifts

    6/11/14 2:11 PM Comment

    What parent doesn't love a homemade gift? This year, for Father's Day, why not make dad something that's truly from the heart?

  • Homemade Mother's Day cards

    5/9/14 3:46 PM Comment

    You can always win mom's heart with something homemade. So instead of going out to buy a card this year, why not try making one from scraps you can find around the house?

  • Earth Day crafts made from recycled items

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    Earth Day is all about repurposing, reuing and recycling....and when it comes to crafting, using discarded items can also save a little green!

  • Unique Easter egg decorating techniques

    4/17/14 4:45 PM Comment

    If you're planning to dye Easter eggs this weekend...check out these great ideas that will take your eggs from average to eggs-traordinary!

  • Sugarloaf Crafts Festival

    4/4/14 3:04 PM Comment

    Spring is the perfect time to compliment your outfit with floral jewelry...

  • DIY spring accessories

    3/7/14 4:48 PM Comment

    Keeping up with fashion trends doesn't have to cost a can even make some of the season's hottest accessories at home!

  • Doily Stamping Crafts for Valentine's Day

    1/30/14 3:38 PM Comment

    With Valentine's Day around the corner, now is the time to start those craft projects with the kids!

  • Homemade Christmas ornaments and crafts

    12/24/13 4:10 PM Comment

    When trimming the Christmas tree, it's always nice to have homemade mementos to remind you of last year's holiday festivities.

  • Sugarloaf Festival

    1/25/13 3:39 PM Comment

    After a long holiday season of giving, craft lovers will have a chance to browse and buy handmade creations at the Sugarloaf Crafts Festival.

  • Thanksgiving crafts and decorations

    11/21/12 12:54 PM Comment

    Craft and lifestyle expert Gina Tepper showed Melanie and Natasha ways you can get your home ready for a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Thanksgiving crafts for kids

    11/14/12 4:40 PM Comment

    Do you want your kids to help decorate for Thanksgiving? Anjali Varma, the owner of Kidville, came on to show you easy crafts you can do with your kids.

  • Inexpensive Halloween crafts

    10/23/12 1:35 PM Comment

    Gina Tepper, the founder of, stopped by to show us inexpensive and fun crafts for kids to make for Halloween.