Diana Nyad

  • Diana Nyad shares her story of strength

    10/21/14 2:54 PM Comment

    Diana Nyad made a splash in 2013 when, at age 64, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without a shark cage. She says it wasn't only her training that helped her to accomplish this feat, it was also the support of her good friend and companion, Bonnie.

  • Swimmer Diana Nyad raises money for Sandy victims

    10/9/13 8:50 PM

    Endurance swimmer Diana Nyad is nearly three-quarters of the way through her marathon Manhattan swim to benefit victims of Superstorm Sandy.

  • Diana Nyad sets rules for future Florida Straits swimmers

    9/11/13 8:55 AM

    Distance swimmer Diana Nyad spoke Tuesday night with critics and skeptics who have argued that she cheated on her swim from Cuba to Florida.


  • Diana Nyad discusses Cuba-Florida swim

    9/3/13 6:04 PM

    Cracking jokes and gesturing energetically, Nyad heaped praise on the members of the team that accompanied her, from a young man who swam beside her and encouraged her to keep going, to a box jellyfish expert who kept an eye out for the deadly creatures that ruined her past attempts.

  • Diana Nyad pulled from water, Cuba-to-Florida swim seems elusive

    8/21/12 8:56 AM Comment

    Her goal of swimming from Cuba to Florida appearing elusive, Diana Nyad was out of the water Tuesday morning, being checked by doctors on a boat after multiple jellyfish stings and bad weather hampered her swim.