• Sensa to return $26 million to consumers

    1/7/14 1:52 PM

    Makers of a weight loss additive called Sensa will return more than $26 million to consumers. The company is settling federal charges that it used deceptive advertising.

  • Cotton ball diet criticized by doctors as dangerous

    11/21/13 10:30 AM

    ABC News reports that the diet, which has been gaining traction on social media sites and on YouTube, involves dipping cotton balls in various liquids, including orange juice or lemonade, and eating them in one sitting.

  • OxyElite Pro diet pills recalled due to link to liver damage

    11/10/13 3:59 PM

    A diet pill is being recalled because of links to liver damage.

  • Rice Diet shuts down NC home after 70 years

    9/10/13 9:41 AM

    Shelley Winters, Lorne Green and Buddy Hackett - all big-name entertainers of their day - made the pilgrimage to take part in the residential weight-loss program that started at Duke University's medical center.

  • The Bar Method

    4/12/13 3:37 PM Comment

    Kate Arnold, the owner of the Bar Method, came on the show to talk about how using a ballet bar is a great way to tone your body and develop lean muscles.

  • Mediterranean diet can cut heart-related health issues

    2/25/13 8:13 AM Comment

    Pour on the olive oil, preferably over fish and vegetables: One of the longest and most scientific tests of a Mediterranean diet suggests this style of eating can cut the chance of suffering heart-related problems.

  • Eat your way to a healthy heart

    2/18/13 5:15 PM Comment

    Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield came on the show today to tell us about ways you can eat your way to a healthy heart.

  • Gluten-free diet craze

    2/12/13 6:09 PM Comment

    It’s an exploding health craze that has a long list of celebrities praising it for helping them to lose weight. It’s the gluten-free diet - but doctors say it could backfire on you.

  • Gluten-free facts, what you need to know

    2/12/13 10:41 AM Comment

    What is gluten? Why are dieters turning to gluten-free foods to lose weight? And what is celiac disease? There's much to know about the word - GLUTEN.


  • Southern diet, fried foods may raise stroke risk

    2/7/13 2:50 PM Comment

    A study finds that people who consume a lot of fried foods and drinks like sweet tea and soda were 41 percent more likely to suffer a stroke than people who ate that way about once a month.

  • Get the body you want

    2/6/13 4:35 PM Comment

    Josef Brandenburg, the owner of the Body You Want, talked to Natasha about seven celebrity secrets to sculpting a red carpet ready body.

  • "Half My Size" by Caroline Jhingory

    2/5/13 5:20 PM Comment

    Caroline Jhingory sat down with Natasha to talk about her incredible weight loss journey and her new book, "Half My Size."

  • Simple lifestyle changes that will help you lose weight

    1/31/13 1:44 PM Comment

    Fitness expert Lisa Reed came on the show today to tell us easy steps we can take to lose weight and keep it off.

  • Foods that fight the flu

    1/24/13 5:53 PM Comment

    Registered dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield came on today to talk about how you can flight off a cold or the flu this season by eating certain types of food.

  • New year, new you from Gilt City DC

    1/16/13 1:10 PM Comment

    Marissa Schneider, the senior curator for, came on the show today to talk about fitness, weight loss, nutrition, and beauty services in the DC area.

  • Resolutions for your pets

    1/4/13 1:48 PM Comment

    Dr. Katy Nelson sat down with Natasha to talk about New Year's resolutions for your pet.

  • Stick to your resolutions!

    12/31/12 2:11 PM Comment

    Registered Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield came on the show today with tips to help you kick off 2013 in a healthy way.

  • No more excuses! Get moving

    12/27/12 4:50 PM Comment

    Fitness expert Lisa Reed came on the show to help you throw your excuses out the window and get to working out.

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