• That was the week was

    4/22/14 3:32 PM Comment

    Burkman, Lewis interview Aprli 18, 2014

  • D.C. health exchange extends enrollment deadline

    4/16/14 2:33 PM

    Enrollees can get in-person and telephone assistance through the extended deadline, if they declare they attempted to enroll before but could not complete it without assistance.


  • Obamacare boasts 7.1 million sign-ups

    4/1/14 10:16 PM


    "The debate over repealing this law is over," he declared.


  • Healthcare.gov: Six signed up first day

    12/27/13 4:13 PM

    The government churns out tons of numbers, but here's one you won't see: 0.0002. That's the percentage of estimated online visitors to healthcare.gov who actually signed up for coverage the first day. Altogether, that's six people out of just over 3 million.

  • Healthcare.gov phone enrollment issues

    11/4/13 1:09 PM

    Major technical problems at Healthcare.gov have dogged the Obama administration for more than a month. Now there are issues surrounding enrollment by phone.