Environmentally Friendly

  • How to go green in 2015

    12/31/14 1:58 PM Comment

    When you're making your New Year's Resolutions, consider adding a few green living goals to your list. Going green isn't just good for the planet, but it's good for you, too!

  • Busting fake green claims

    10/7/14 12:59 PM Comment

    When you walk into a store, you're bombarded with products claiming to be green or eco-friendly. So how can you actually tell which claims are true, and which are just an attempt to sell more of the product?

  • Eco-friendly home essentials

    9/24/14 3:17 PM Comment

    More and more consumers are looking for eco-friendly products to keep their family and the environment happy and healthy. One of the most important places to go green is at home!

  • Making sustainable seafood choices

    6/19/14 2:34 PM Comment

    Did you know that the type of seafood you eat affects the health of the Chesapeake Bay? That's why it's important to make sustainable choices when you purchase seafood.

  • Earth Day crafts made from recycled items

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    Earth Day is all about repurposing, reuing and recycling....and when it comes to crafting, using discarded items can also save a little green!

  • The Philip Merrill Environmental Center

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    It's not easy being green...but the Chesapeake Bay Foundation's environmental center does a pretty good job!

  • Eco-friendly food choices

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    If you improve your diet, your body will thank you. But Mother Earth will also benefit from your healthy food choices!

  • Calculating your ecological footprint

    4/22/14 4:43 PM Comment

    If everyone lived like you do, how many planet earths would we need to provide enough resources? Your ecological footprint tells you just that!

  • Kingman Island Bluegrass and Folk Festival

    4/22/14 4:42 PM Comment

    The largest bluegrass and folk festival in the city is happening this Saturday!

  • The cost of LEED

    3/12/14 2:42 PM Comment

    Williams interview March 11, 2014