• Navigating Sensitive Situations

    3/6/14 4:42 PM Comment

    We talked to Etiquette Expert Mary Crane today...

  • Valentine's Day etiquette advice

    2/5/14 2:03 PM Comment

    Valentine's Day is supposed to be a day to celebrate love...but sometimes the politics of gift giving and event planning can be enough to make you hate it!

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    9/11/13 5:08 PM Comment


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    Etiquette expert Mary Crane came on the show to fill us in on how we should behave and what we should wear to the upcoming Inaugural balls.

  • Gym etiquette

    1/2/13 12:59 PM Comment

    The new year means more people will be working out. Christine Chen, the President of Global Professional Protocol, chatted with Melanie and Natasha about etiquette to keep in mind at the gym.

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    Etiquette expert Mary Crane came on the show to talk about proper Thanksgiving Day etiquette.