• 2nd Annual Ovarian Cycle D.C.

    11/14/14 2:19 PM Comment

    The 2nd Annual Ovarian Cycle D.C. is happening this weekend. Participants help fight against ovarian cancer by raising much needed funds through cycling.

  • Prince George's County prepares for severe weather with annual snow and ice dry run exercise

    10/24/14 8:41 AM

  • Yoga with Faith Hunter

    10/13/14 1:48 PM Comment

    Practicing yoga is great for your mind and body. It can improve your flexibility and strength, and it can even reduce stress. Now, with in home videos and programs, it's easier than ever.

  • How you can revamp your fall fitness routine

    10/10/14 3:21 PM Comment

    Autumn is upon us, and so is the cooler weather. But, exercising outside doesn't have to end when the first leaf drops. In fact, fall is a great time to harvest a new routine to re-energize your workout.

  • 5-Minute Workout

    10/1/14 4:37 PM Comment

    Have you ever used the excuse, "I can't exercise because don't have any time?" Well, not anymore! If you have 5 minutes, you can boost your metabolism for the entire day.

  • How mobile devices can become a pain in the neck

    10/1/14 4:36 PM Comment

    We live in a technology driven world. Everyone seems to be connected on their mobile devices. But, that constant texting, emailing and gaming can literally become a pain in the neck!

  • Chronic stress may cause premature death, new study says

    9/26/14 9:30 PM

  • Prenatal fitness exercises

    9/22/14 2:04 PM Comment

    Pregnancy is an exciting time for women, but as our bodies change, working out can become a challenge. Many women are not sure how to adapt their fitness routines, and others may stop working out all together.

  • A dance cardio workout with a live DJ

    9/16/14 2:44 PM Comment

    For many people, getting your workout in feels like a chore, but there's a new fitness scene in DC that wants to turn it into a party! They combine dance moves, sports drills, high intensity interval training...and a live DJ to tie it all together!

  • How to help your stressed pet

    9/5/14 4:07 PM Comment

    The start of a new school year can be stressful for everyone in our homes, including our pets! Some pets will react to this stress or separation anxiety by acting out.

  • Fitness classes for moms

    8/28/14 3:22 PM Comment

    Fitness for moms isn't one-size fits all. There are countless options that are great for staying fit at each stage of motherhood.

  • Couples workouts

    8/21/14 1:11 PM Comment

    Couples often look for ways to bond with their partner, and exercising together is one of the best options! Working out with your significant other is a great way to become closer as a couple, while staying fit and healthy!

  • Why women should strength train

    8/13/14 1:52 PM Comment

    Many women avoid strength and resistance training because they fear that it will make them too bulky and masculine. But, if done right, resistance training can improve overall fitness - while helping you keep your feminine curves!

  • SoulCycle DC

    8/12/14 2:51 PM Comment

    SoulCycle DC is the latest craze in spin class.

  • Fun exercises you can do with your kids

    7/31/14 3:21 PM Comment

    With summer camps coming to a close and the kids coming home, it's important to make sure the whole day isn't spent in front of the TV.

  • A Herculean workout

    7/23/14 4:37 PM Comment

    If you're serious about getting in shape, you'll probably go to extreme lengths to build your physique...and who better to set the standard than the legendary hero, Hercules?

  • Doggy workouts

    7/18/14 2:02 PM Comment

    A dog on a treadmill might sound a little far-fetched, but it's actually a great way to help man's best friend lose some weight.

  • Workout anywhere, anytime

    7/9/14 2:20 PM Comment

    Getting exercise doesn't require fancy equipment or a gym membership. It can be done anywhere - and with minimal equipment!

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