• Best and worst dressed at the Oscars

    2/25/13 12:25 PM Comment

    Lauren Rothman, founder of Styleauteur, and Makeda Saggau-Sackey, editor of the Glamazon Diaries, sat down with Natasha and Melanie to talk about the best and worst dressed celebrities at this year's Academy Awards.

  • New York Fashion Week trends

    2/22/13 1:08 PM Comment

    Stylist Marie Coleman came on the show to talk about the hottest trends fresh off the runway in New York

  • Fashion of the First Family

    1/28/13 1:49 PM Comment

    The Obama's have brought a different sense of style in Washington, so it's no surprise that the First Family looked great on Inauguration day.

  • Inauguration fashion tips

    1/15/13 4:18 PM Comment

    If you're one of the lucky ones heading to an Inaugural ball next week, we have some great tips for you to follow if you don't have a gown or suit yet.

  • Golden Globes fashion

    1/14/13 12:50 PM Comment

    Hollywood red carpet events always bring out some of the most interesting style choices for the biggest stars.

  • Vittorio Missoni missing after plane goes missing near Venezuela

    1/7/13 10:06 AM Comment

    The search for a missing plane carrying Italian fashion executive Vittorio Missoni and five other people has entered its third straight day on Sunday with no signs of the aircraft.

  • Spruce up your work wardrobe

    1/4/13 1:50 PM Comment

    Personal stylist Naina Singla came on the show to talk about ways you can spice up your work clothes.

  • Inauguration etiquette

    1/4/13 9:55 AM Comment

    Etiquette expert Mary Crane came on the show to fill us in on how we should behave and what we should wear to the upcoming Inaugural balls.

  • NYE fashion tips

    12/31/12 2:12 PM Comment

    Lauren Rothman, the founder of, came on the show to talk about ways you can make your New Year's Eve ensemble pop.

  • Gilt City holiday guide

    12/19/12 1:25 PM Comment

    Marissa Scnieder, the Senior Curator for Gilt City DC, came on the show today to talk about the hottest trends in holiday gift giving.

  • The most stylish suits for men

    12/13/12 3:26 PM Comment

    Michael Andrews, the founder and CEO of Michael Andrews Bespoke, sat down with Melanie to talk about formal wear for men.

  • Beauty and fashion for the holidays

    12/7/12 2:20 PM Comment

    Beauty and Fashion expert Rebekah George talked to Natasha about looking our best for every social event this month.

  • Winterize summer fashions

    11/29/12 4:10 PM Comment

    Personal stylist and founder of STYLE'N Naina Singla joined Natasha and Melanie to talk about ways you can transition your summer fashions into the chilly winter season.

  • Winter fashion trends

    11/26/12 1:28 PM Comment

    It's time to spiff up your winter wardrobe! Lauren Rothman, the founder of Style Auteur, came on today to show us the season's chicest trends.

  • Cupcakes and Cashmere

    11/13/12 5:40 PM Comment

    Emily Schuman, the founder of the style and entertaining blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, sat down with Melanie to talk about everything from fashion to do-it-yourself home decorations.

  • Victoria's Secret fashion show brings out celebs, top models

    11/8/12 10:26 AM Comment

    Rihanna rocked lingerie at Wednesday night's Victoria's Secret fashion show in New York, providing the highlight of the live-music soundtrack and holding her own on the catwalk with some of the world's top models.

  • The best health & beauty deals from Gilt City

    11/7/12 2:09 PM Comment

    Marissa Schneider, the Senior Curator for Gilt City DC, came on the show to talk about some of the best beauty and health deals Gilt has to offer.

  • Holiday accessories from Stella and Dot

    11/1/12 3:11 PM Comment

    It's time to start getting ready for the holidays! Style and Dot stylist Lauren Sigler talked to Melanie about some of the trendiest accessories of the season.

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