• Is your furniture toxic?

    10/24/14 1:49 PM Comment

    Do your kids play on the floor often? It seem harmless, but dangerous toxins from your furniture actually gather on the floor, meaning your kids are being exposed to these chemicals everyday!

  • Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair

    9/23/14 3:40 PM Comment

    Are you crafty? Do you enjoy making things from scratch? If so, this event is sure to inspire your next project! It's called the Crafty Bastards Arts and Crafts Fair, and it's happening this weekend at Union Market.

  • DIY with Sharpies

    5/29/14 5:00 PM Comment

    A permanet marker stain on your favorite shirt or piece of furniture is a real bummer.

  • Paula Deen scandal: Furniture company continues endorsement

    7/25/13 12:37 PM

    The North Carolina-based home furnishings company that markets Paula Deen's furniture line is sticking with the embattled celebrity chef.