• President faces glitches while enrolling

    12/23/13 10:18 PM

    Announcing his enrollment Monday, the White House called it a symbolic show of Obama's support for the fledgling exchanges where millions of Americans must buy insurance or face a penalty.

  • Adriana reveals herself as the face of

    11/13/13 11:27 AM

    The woman who became the face of the homepage is speaking out. Her name is Adriana, and she says she wants people to know that she is not a model and was not paid for the photo used on the website.

  • Affordable Care Act: fixed by Nov. 30

    10/31/13 7:24 PM

    The Obama administration has recruited engineers from several prominent technology companies to help fix the technological problems preventing people from signing up for government-mandated health insurance.

  • data center glitch causes more problems

    10/28/13 7:47 AM

    A data center glitch is the latest problem in the Obamacare rollout. The data center operated by Verizon's terremark went down Sunday, halting online enrollment in all 50 states.