• Cooking with gold

    9/30/14 9:46 AM Comment

    Glittering gold adds a stunning accent to any outfit. But, what about gold on your dinner plate? One innovative chef is bringing 24-karat gold to delicious dishes!

  • Gold prices falling worldwide

    4/16/13 8:42 AM Comment

    A key point of interest in financial markets over the past few days has been the gold price, which has fallen dramatically amid a welter of concerns, including fears that European governments may sell the precious metal

  • Prince George's County police strike gold

    11/16/11 6:01 PM Comment

    Police Wednesday broke up an illegal jewelry operation and recovered more than $100,000 in gold and jewelry.

  • Gold prices climbing

    8/9/11 6:15 PM Comment

    Since the U.S. credit rating was downgraded, gold prices have climbed above $1,700 an ounce.