• A look back on the 2012 campaign

    11/6/12 3:45 PM Comment

    Nikki Schwab, the Yeas and Nays columnist for the Washington Examiner, chatted with Melanie and Natasha about some of DC's hottest election night parties and took a look back at the 2012 campaign.

  • The latest political gossip with Judy Kurtz

    10/24/12 1:35 PM Comment

    The Hill's Judy Kurtz came by to talk about the latest gossip in Washington.

  • The latest District gossip

    10/17/12 1:23 PM Comment

    Nikki Schwab, the Washington Examiner's political gossip columnist, joined Melanie and Natasha to talk about everything from Glen Beck's new line of jeans to Drake's birthday celebration in the District.

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