• The glorious Swedishness of IKEA's food market

    6/13/11 7:55 AM

    For very little kroner, you can enjoy herring, Swedish pancakes, meatballs, elberberry juice, and all the other wonderful exports the Swedes have to offer.

  • Price check: Target vs. Safeway

    5/24/11 9:34 AM

    Which of these side-by-side stores is cheaper?

  • Is your food shrinking?

    5/23/11 4:45 AM

    If the price of your regular jar of peanut butter jumped, would you notice? Possibly. What if the jar lost a couple of ounces? Probably not. That’s exactly what manufacturers are banking on when they narrow a jug, take a few chips out of the bag, or put a dimple the size of a golf ball in the bottom of a jar.

  • Only Brunswick grocery store to close

    5/19/11 6:32 PM Comment

    Super Fresh has announced plans to shut down all its Maryland stores, save for those in Ocean City. For the city of Brunswick, that means the loss of its only full grocery store.

  • 'Local' food confusion in Maryland

    5/9/11 6:07 AM

    No longer can unscrupulous farmers market their veggies in Maryland as "from your backyard" if they are not indeed from a backyard in Maryland.

  • Why are tomatoes getting infected with salmonella?

    5/3/11 6:51 PM

    Six stores are voluntarily recalling products with these tomatoes in them, and though none of the recalls are in our region, it begs the question: How does a tomato get infected with salmonella?

  • Pound foolish: Virginia can't afford to check its grocers' scales

    5/3/11 12:38 PM

    A tight budget in the state's weights and measures department means retailers that short customers on the scales will likely go undetected.

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