Gun Violence

  • 'Brady Campaign' addresses gun violence with help of Hollywood stars

    6/9/14 6:44 PM

    Las Vegas police officers shot and killed; students in Seattle, and even more in Santa Barbara shot and killed – the flurry of recent violence was an easy target for the Brady campaign today, which brought in Hollywood stars Julianna Margulies and Griffin Dunne.

  • Colorado shooting: Gun rights rally and ceremony

    7/19/13 10:18 AM Comment

    Park rangers and other law enforcement will be at a state park in Aurora, Colo., this afternoon to keep the peace when gun-rights advocates hold a rally the same time a ceremony will be held to remember the 12 people killed and 70 wounded when a gunman opened fire in a movie theater last July 20.

  • Gun violence: Wells holds community forum

    6/16/13 8:27 AM Comment

    Mayoral candidate Tommy Wells held a community forum on Saturday night to discuss gun violence in the District.


  • President Obama urges action on gun violence, preschool, jobs, wages

    2/15/13 6:30 PM Comment

    In remarks Friday at Hyde Park Academy in his hometown of Chicago, Obama says by reducing gun violence, expanding preschool access, raising the minimum wage and improving job training, the U.S. can ensure every child has a chance to succeed.