Gynocological Cancer Awareness Month

  • Globe-athon

    9/8/14 10:45 AM Comment

    September is Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month, and Globe-athon is the first international movement committed to raising awareness around the globe about "below the belt" cancers.

  • Cervical cancer kills 4,000 women each year

    9/25/13 2:22 PM

    A local cervical cancer survivor is encouraging women to be their own advocate when it comes to gynecologic cancer prevention.

  • Ovarian cancer affects 20,000 women per year

    9/18/13 1:18 PM

    Often known as the silent killer, ovarian cancer rocked the world of a local woman five years ago. Today, she’s in remission and working to help other women know the warning signs.

  • Uterine cancer affects 50,000 women per year nationwide

    9/11/13 1:37 PM

    Pamela Mielnick was young, healthy and active. It didn't keep her from contracting uterine cancer, but her will to beat the disorder has her back competing and running again.


  • Vaginal, vulvar cancers affect 4,500 women per year

    9/5/13 11:06 AM

    Stacy Padova's life changed when she was diagnosed with a rare form of vaginal cancer, but quick action by her and her doctors caught it early. Now, she's encouraging others to pay close attention to their bodies.