• Dr. Sanjay Gupta: "I changed my mind on weed"

    8/9/13 5:36 PM

    CNN's Dr. Sanjay Gupta says he spoke too soon in opposing the medical use of marijuana in the past and that he now believes the drug can have very real benefits for people with specific health problems.

  • Anne Arundel County Department of Health racism allegations

    8/8/13 11:38 AM

    Maryland's health secretary says the department will investigate allegations of racism against the Anne Arundel County Department of Health.

  • Childhood obesity in decline, say health officials

    8/6/13 7:17 PM

    A new government report is the first evidence of a national decline in childhood obesity, health officials said Tuesday.

  • Pedestrian deaths due to high alcohol levels

    8/5/13 7:13 PM

    Drinking and walking can be as deadly as drinking and driving. New data on pedestrian fatalities show a third of the pedestrians killed in 2011 had blood alcohol levels above the legal limit for driving.

  • New health insurance markets: Not like Travelocity

    8/5/13 10:17 AM

    You may have heard that shopping for health insurance under President Barack Obama's health care overhaul will be like using Travelocity or Amazon. But many people will end up with something more mundane than online shopping, like a call to the help desk.

  • Media blitz coming for online health exchange

    8/5/13 10:05 AM

    In less than three months, uninsured Floridians will be able to purchase medical insurance online under a new federal health law. Making sure average citizens understand how it works will be a Herculean task accompanied by a massive marketing blitz promoting the biggest expansion of the social safety net since Medicare.


  • "Latch-On” event Saturday morning for Breastfeeding Awareness

    8/2/13 11:28 PM

    Thousands of moms worldwide are getting their babies ready to "latch on." They’re all breastfeeding at 10:30 Saturday morning and trying to set a new record for the most women nursing at the same time. The current record was set in 2010 by more than 9,800 nursing moms.

  • Loudoun County raising concussion awareness

    8/1/13 11:16 PM

    Parents gathered at the Loudoun County Public Schools Administration Building Thursday evening and got schooled on concussions. They learned what they are, how to spot them and properly respond. They want to make sure their kids start their sports seasons off safe and smart.

  • Cyclospora outbreak: Experts call for more details

    8/1/13 7:49 AM

    Federal officials warn that an outbreak of an intestinal illness that has sickened people in at least 15 states is not over yet. But food safety advocates are expressing concern at the lack of information officials are providing.

  • Stolen laptop holds medical records of Fairfax students

    7/31/13 6:14 PM

    The private health details of 2,000 Fairfax County students could be compromised after someone stole a laptop from a school nurse's car.

  • Silver Diner's young food critics give honest feedback

    7/30/13 11:42 PM

    When the Silver Diner wants to switch up its menu, it brings in the experts: kids with big appetites who land this mouth-watering gig by submitting ideas for low-cal, low-fat dining options.

  • Algae in Lake Needwood is toxic, officials warn

    7/25/13 11:45 PM

    Lake Needwood in Rockville is a picturesque and popular recreation spot. Unfortunately, it now comes with a health alert. Officials say that weeks of searing heat encouraged algae in the lake to bloom excessively, producing a toxin called microcystin.

  • Are you more prone to mosquito bites?

    7/23/13 8:26 PM Comment

    Did you know that you could actually be more "attractive" to those pesky mosquitoes? Find out what factors lure those bugs to you.


  • Menthol cigarettes likely pose health risk, says FDA

    7/23/13 12:21 PM Comment

    A Food and Drug Administration review concludes that menthol cigarettes pose a greater public health risk than regular cigarettes. The federal agency released the independent review today.

  • DOD claims ABA therapy for autistic children will not be cut

    7/19/13 8:09 PM Comment

    Thousands of military parents of autistic children credit a therapy called Applied Behavior Analysis with helping their children to make huge strides in their communication and learning abilities. But fear and frustration has been sweeping through that community of families that the Department of Defense was about to drastically cut ABA therapy.

  • Rick Perry signs new abortion restrictions

    7/18/13 7:43 PM Comment

    Texas Gov. Rick Perry signed sweeping new abortion restrictions on Thursday that could shutter most of the state's clinics that provide the procedure, a final step for the Republican-backed measure after weeks of sometimes raucous protests at the state Capitol.

  • Nova Women’s Healthcare closes

    7/15/13 6:13 PM Comment

    The Washington Post reports that Nova Women’s Healthcare, which operated on Eaton Place near I-66, had performed more abortions than any other clinic in Virginia. The clinic shut down recently.

  • Electronic medical records, Bloomberg reports D.C. at bottom of list

    7/8/13 11:13 AM Comment

    More doctors than ever are going digital when it comes to storing a patient's medical history. But shockingly, not all physician's are using technology to keeping up with important health records. 


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