• Educational toys

    12/5/12 1:28 PM Comment

    Some of the hottest gifts this year aren't only fun, but they're educational as well. Ann Dolin, the president and founder of Educational Connections Tutoring and Ravi Robison of Smart Toys talked to Melanie about some gifts that will keep kids entertained while teaching them something valuable at the same time.

  • Jolly Fat Man's Run

    12/5/12 1:28 PM Comment

    Chuck Dyson, the head Sergeant of the Sergeants Program, and Adam Kisielewski, the Vice President of Operation Second Chance, came on the show to talk about the Jolly Fat Man's Run, which benefits veterans and their families.

  • NewsChannel 8 Ugly Sweater Contest, Holidays 2012

    12/5/12 12:56 PM Comment

    It's that time of year again - the 3rd annual Ugly Sweater Contest!  Maybe it lights up? Maybe the sequined snowflakes glow in the dark? Whatever fashion-disaster is lovingly displayed, NewsChannel 8 wants a photo of it.


  • Creative hostess gifts

    12/5/12 9:52 AM Comment

    Amanda McClements of Salt and Sundry came on to tell us about creative hostess gifts.

  • Holiday breadsticks

    12/4/12 12:54 PM Comment

    Author Nick Malgieri came on the show to show us an easy way to make breadsticks and to talk about his new cookbook, "Bread."

  • Initiative helps empower volunteers, fight hunger

    12/3/12 6:10 AM Comment

    In a season closely associated with sweet treats and good eats, it is hard to think that many in our area are going without.

  • Holiday flower arrangements

    11/29/12 4:41 PM Comment

    Sarah von Pollaro of Flower Empowered joined Melanie to show us how to add a little Christmas spirit to you holiday floral arrangements.

  • Rockefeller Center Christmas tree: NJ spruce lights up as Rockefeller Center tree

    11/28/12 10:49 PM

    Thousands of onlookers crowded behind barricades on the streets that surrounded Rockefeller Center. The tree is illuminated with more than 30,000 lights and topped by a Swarovski star.

  • Best gift discounts, best days to shop online

    11/28/12 1:34 PM Comment

    Gift lists are long and stores are still dishing out some great deals. To help shoppers weed through those sparkly sales, has release its list of best days to find holiday gift discounts online.


  • Fabulous hostess gifts

    11/28/12 1:00 PM Comment

    Interior designer Dana Tydings came on the show today with great holiday hostess gift ideas.

  • How to prevent holiday weight gain

    11/28/12 12:55 PM Comment

    Fitness expert Lisa Reed talked to Natasha about ways you can prevent gaining weight during the holiday season.

  • The latest tech gifts

    11/27/12 2:41 PM Comment

    Tech expert David King came on today to tell us about the latest gadgets that will make perfect gifts for people of all ages.

  • Architects construct 'Gingerbread University' in D.C.

    11/27/12 11:47 AM Comment

    It's a creative sign the holiday season has begun.  Monday night, a group of architects, contractors and designers from the D.C. area gathered to construct Gingerbread University.

  • How to handle holiday stress

    11/21/12 3:29 PM Comment

    Psychiatrist Dr. Marc Dalton came on the show to talk about how you can handle stress during the holidays.

  • Showing appreciation

    11/21/12 3:28 PM Comment

    Communication expert Steven Gaffney came on the show to discuss why showing appreciation is crucial in relationships.

  • Holiday shopping at Bloomingdale's

    11/21/12 3:27 PM Comment

    It's time to start thinking of what you'll be giving your loved ones this year. Heather Guay, the Public Relations Manager at Bloomingdale's in Chevy Chase and Tysons Corner, stopped by to show us some great gift ideas.

  • Holiday travel with ease

    11/21/12 3:23 PM Comment

    Elizabeth Thorp, the founder of Poshbrood, came on the show to talk about tips you need to remember to make your holiday travel easier.

  • 'Trouble in Toyland:' Warnings for children's toys announced ahead of holidays

    11/20/12 6:07 PM Comment

    A Dora the Explorer guitar, dragster cars with small wheels and finger-fidget desktop magnets are among the toys that consumer advocates are warning about as the holiday buying season begins.

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