• Homemade beauty products

    12/19/14 3:30 PM Comment

    Instead of breaking the bank on store-bought items this holiday season, why not give homemade beauty gifts that are simple and inexpensive to make?

  • Making the perfect pizza at home

    10/23/14 2:53 PM Comment

    Have you ever tried making pizza from scratch? If you have, then you know it can be really tricky to get the crust just right.

  • Homemade Father's Day gifts

    6/11/14 2:11 PM Comment

    What parent doesn't love a homemade gift? This year, for Father's Day, why not make dad something that's truly from the heart?

  • Homemade Christmas ornaments and crafts

    12/24/13 4:10 PM Comment

    When trimming the Christmas tree, it's always nice to have homemade mementos to remind you of last year's holiday festivities.

  • Inexpensive Halloween crafts

    10/23/12 1:35 PM Comment

    Gina Tepper, the founder of GiftDecorating.com, stopped by to show us inexpensive and fun crafts for kids to make for Halloween.