• Organize your home in style

    9/16/14 2:44 PM Comment

    During the summer, it's easy to get lazy and let things go at your home or office. So, if you're looking at your once-organized space and wondering how it turned into a pile of clutter, you're not alone!

  • Bill would limit number of single-family homes in College Park rented to UMD students

    7/16/14 6:42 PM

    A bill under consideration in Prince George's County could restrict the number of single-family homes available in College Park as rentals for University of Maryland students.


  • Simplify your home remodeling project

    7/8/14 5:19 PM Comment

    Home remodeling projects are becoming more and more popular, and many are finding that they are well worth the investment. But, they can be tricky if you're not prepared.

  • Lightning prompts fires and downed trees in Montgomery Co.

    6/12/14 5:29 PM

    Bob Engelhart’s quiet block in Takoma Park is overrun by the sound of chainsaws and a wood chipper.

  • Wild weather topples trees onto homes, cars

    4/15/14 11:21 PM

    It’s suddenly cold and wet, with sleet coming down in parts of the DMV area. D.C. resident Rud Nast even found an unpleasant surprise after coming home from work.

  • Candles cause of multiple fires in P.G. County

    3/24/14 11:10 PM

    It was a wild weekend and now it's a wild start to the week for Prince George's County firefighters. Every 12 hours, they have had to sound their sirens and battle yet another blaze. And nearly every time, candles were the cause.

  • Lighting tips to improve your home

    2/20/14 4:59 PM Comment

    The Capital Home and Garden show is this weekend at the Dulles Expo Center. Two of the exhibitors stopped by with some design advice.

  • Home and Remodeling Show

    1/22/14 11:02 AM Comment

    This weekend, more than 300 companies will be on hand to showcase the latest products and services in home remodeling, renovation, home decor, and redesign.

  • U.S. home prices rise 12.2 percent, best in 6 years

    7/30/13 2:50 PM

    U.S. home prices jumped 12.2 percent in May compared with a year ago, the biggest annual gain since March 2006. The increase shows the housing recovery is strengthening.

  • Decorate with art on a budget

    2/22/13 1:08 PM Comment

    Want to spruce up your home but can't afford to spend too much money? Tom Delavan, an interior designer and Creative Director for Gilt Home, came on the show to tell us how we can decorate with art on a budget.

  • Ways you can revamp your home

    1/17/13 1:18 PM Comment

    Is your house on the market and just not selling? Mike Baird of Spike TV's "Flip
    Men" came on the show to tell us how to revamp our home simply by decorating.

  • Real estate dangers

    10/25/12 2:14 PM Comment

    Lizzy Conroy, the Vice President of Huckaby, Briscoe, Conroy Realty Group, sat down with Natasha and Melanie to talk about the about hidden health dangers in homes.

  • U.S. home prices jump 4.6 percent in August

    10/2/12 9:30 AM Comment

    A measure of U.S. home prices jumped 4.6 percent in August compared to a year ago, the largest year-over-year increase in more than six years.