• Gaithersburg icy pond fall: Rescue tapes released

    1/15/14 11:23 PM

    A caller told dispatchers that three boys fell through the ice of a pond Monday in Gaithersburg. While two managed to scramble to safety, he told authorities that one child – who turned out to be 10-year-old DJ McMullen – was in trouble.

  • Two children rescued from icy pond in Gaithersburg, third dies from cold

    1/14/14 5:23 AM

    According to the Montgomery County Fire Department, three children have been rescued from Sediment Pond at Diamondback Road. One child was transported to the hospital in critical condition.

  • Freezing weather reminiscent of 1994

    1/6/14 11:25 PM

    Ice cold arctic air drove into the D.C. region on Monday night, bringing temperatures dangerously low. Factor in the wind, and you’ve got misery-inducing conditions.