• Supreme Court doesn't take up Internet sales tax

    12/2/13 2:43 PM

    The move likely will prompt more states to attempt to collect taxes on Internet sales - and ignite a furious battle in Congress between Internet sellers, brick-and-mortar stores and states hungry for extra tax revenue.

  • D.C. workers shopped, watched videos on the job

    11/20/13 7:30 PM

    The District of Columbia employs 32,000 people in a number of vital city functions, and on a singular day earlier this fall, they collectively spent a whole lot of time on YouTube.

  • HHS working to fix glitches with

    10/14/13 11:54 AM

    The Department of Health and Human Services, tasked with managing the rollout of federal enrollment sites connected to the Affordable Care Act, is said to be "scrambling" to fix glitches in its server systems, Federal Times reports.

  • Thigh gap trend possibly dangerous

    10/4/13 2:06 PM

    Experts in eating disorders are concerned about an Internet-fueled trend in which teenage girls and young women pursue an elusive and possibly dangerous weight-loss goal: to become so slender that their thighs don't touch.

  • Obamacare scam artists already targeting confused health care customers

    10/3/13 1:21 PM

    Scam artists are already pouncing on the Affordable Care Act, preying on people who are confused by the new rules and regulations being put forth as part of the law.

  • Silk Road shut down by federal authorities

    10/2/13 2:58 PM

    The website Silk Road, long known as a deep web marketplace for illegal drugs and criminal activity, was seized Wednesday by federal authorities. It's founder, who goes by Dread Pirate Roberts online, was arrested.

  • Non-Internet users say getting online is too hard, not relevant to them

    9/25/13 10:19 AM

    Only about 15 percent of adults in the United States don't regularly use the Internet, and according to a new Pew study, the vast majority of those people say that they either don't care about it or that its too hard to use.

  • Comcast expands web access for low-income families

    9/24/13 6:36 AM

    Comcast says it is expanding a program to provide high-speed Internet access at low cost for low-income families in the Washington area. The company is launching the third year of its Internet Essentials program today.

  • USDA cracks down on Internet pet sales

    9/10/13 6:53 AM

    The government is cracking down on dog breeders who sell puppies over the Internet. The Agriculture Department is announcing new rules that will require them to apply for federal licenses.

  • Google fighting lawsuit that it illegally reads user emails

    9/6/13 8:05 AM

    Internet giant Google is facing a lawsuit claiming that it illegally reads the emails of its Gmail users. Google argued Thursday that the case should be thrown out because it is "inconceivable" that a Gmail user could be unaware that the company reads their email.

  • New Yahoo! logo unveiled for first time in 18 years

    9/5/13 12:32 PM

    The new look unveiled late Wednesday is part of a makeover that Yahoo Inc. has been undergoing since the Sunnyvale, Calif., company hired Google executive Marissa Mayer to become Yahoo's CEO 14 months ago.

  • Yahoo surpasses Google in web visitors

    8/22/13 5:15 PM

    For the first time since 2011, more Americans visited Yahoo's websites than Google's, reports The Huffington Post.

  • is Facebook Inc's new partnership

    8/21/13 7:34 PM

    On Wednesday, Facebook Inc. announced a partnership called The group's goal is to "make Internet access available to the two-thirds of the world who are not yet connected," which means about 5 billion people.

  • Getting online in one of the world's most isolated countries

    8/5/13 3:11 PM

    For many Cubans, getting online has been an impossibility. But that all changed in June, when the government opened 119 centers where Cubans could finally surf the internet.

  • Google launches Project Loon to broaden Internet access, Post reports

    6/15/13 2:56 PM Comment

    Google is launching Project Loon in order to connect those in rural, poor, or disaster-stricken areas to the Internet, the Washington Post reports.

  • PRISM: Barack Obama says 'nobody is listening to your telephone calls'

    6/7/13 7:19 PM Comment

    President Barack Obama is defending the government's secret surveillance of of America's phone records and U.S. Internet use, saying he increased some of the "safeguards" on the programs when he came into office and Congress and federal judges have oversight on the programs.

  • Legal online poker site launches in Nevada

    4/30/13 8:52 AM Comment

    Poker devotees will soon be able to skip the smoky casino and legally gamble their dollars away on the couch - at least in the state of Nevada.

  • Internet sales tax has rare Republican support

    4/25/13 9:57 PM Comment

    Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid says senators have reached a deal to delay voting on a bill to tax Internet sales until after senators return from a weeklong vacation. A majority of Senate Republicans support the bill, which does not sit well with anti-tax crusaders.

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