• Sprint buying 30 million iPhones, to enter Apple cell phone market

    10/4/11 7:47 AM Comment

    Sprint is committing to buy more than 30 million iPhones over the next four years, imposing a heavy burden on an already cash-strapped company, The Wall Street Journal reports.

  • Busch Gardens launches iPhone application

    8/5/11 5:47 AM Comment

    Busch Gardens in Williamsburg is offering a new smartphone application that will help tourists find information such as wait times for roller coasters, restaurant menus or restroom locations.

  • Jailbreaking iPhones

    5/26/11 4:52 PM Comment

    A software that allows iPhone users to use apps and software not approved by Apple changes the way a phone looks, sounds and even functions.

  • Controversy surrounds dog fighting app

    4/26/11 6:19 PM Comment

    It lets you buy a dog, make it vicious. You can pick from a smorgasbord of shock collars and ropes. You can even inject the dog with steroids.

  • $1 lunch? Yes, please, say 26,000 in D.C.

    4/26/11 2:13 AM Comment

    More than 26,000 people signed up for a special deal from LivingSocial Friday, forming long lines outside of participating restaurants.

  • iPhone tracks user's location

    4/25/11 11:58 PM Comment

    Privacy watchdogs are demanding answers from Apple about why iPhones and iPads are secretly collecting location data on users - records that cellular service providers routinely keep but require a court order to disgorge.

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