James Bond

  • James Bond too drunk to shoot, study says

    12/14/13 8:33 AM

    British doctors who carefully read Ian Fleming's series of James Bond novels say the celebrated spy regularly drank more than four times the recommended limit of alcohol per week.

  • James Bond 50th anniversary

    10/2/12 1:42 PM Comment

    007 James Bond's world of cars, casinos and caviar was sexy, luxurious and colorful. The films turned Cold War anxiety into a thrill-ride from which the good guy always emerged triumphant.

  • 'The View' seeking to host a GOP presidential debate

    11/3/11 4:01 PM Comment

    Daybreak Daily’s afternoon visit to the pop-culture world finds something that, actually, seems as though it would a huge hit. These ladies are smart and know their politics, especially Barbara.