Jesse Jackson Jr.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. to sell Washington home

    10/25/13 4:59 PM

    Prison-bound former Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr. plans to sell his home in Washington to help pay $750,000 in penalties stemming from his sentence for illegally spending campaign funds on personal items.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr.'s memorabilia go to auction

    9/17/13 10:26 AM

    Mink capes and assorted Michael Jackson memorabilia once belonging to Jesse Jackson Jr. are heading to the auction block.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. possessions auctioned to pay off debt

    9/16/13 7:29 PM

    Mink capes, Bruce Lee autographs and Michael Jackson memorabilia that belonged to Jesse Jackson Jr. will be sold to the highest bidder to help ensure the former congressman pays his debt to society in full.

  • March on Washington: Rev. Jesse Jackson previews event

    8/27/13 12:08 PM

    Reverend Jesse Jackson will take part in Wednesday's March on Washington. The president and founder of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition appeared on NewsTalk with NewsChannel 8's Bruce DePuyt Tuesday to preview the event.


  • Jesse Jackson Jr. sentenced to 30 months

    8/14/13 3:41 PM

    Choking back tears, Jesse Jackson Jr. apologized to the American people and his family, including his father the civil rights activist, before he was sentenced to 30 months behind bars.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr.: Prosecutors recommend 4 years in prison

    6/7/13 3:11 PM Comment

    Prosecutors are recommending four years in prison for former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr., following his guilty plea this year on criminal charges that he engaged in a scheme to spend $750,000 in campaign funds on personal items.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. pleads guilty

    2/20/13 7:10 PM Comment

    Jesse Jackson Jr. entered a guilty plea in federal court Wednesday to criminal charges that he misused campaign funds for his own personal use. A few hours later, his wife, Sandra Jackson, pleaded guilty to filing false joint federal income tax returns.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr., wife could spend time behind bars

    2/16/13 3:04 PM Comment

    Former U.S. Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. and his wife could spend time in behind bars after they agreed to plead guilty to charges in an alleged scheme to spend thousands in campaign funds on personal items. (See items listed in Jackson charging document.)

  • Jesse Jackson Jr., wife agree to plead guilty

    2/15/13 7:09 PM Comment

    The charges represent a dramatic fall from political prominence for the couple. The son of a famed civil rights leader, Jackson entered Congress in 1995 and resigned last November. Sandi, as she's known, was a Chicago alderman, but resigned last month.

  • Jesse Jackson Jr. resigns from Congress

    11/21/12 6:10 PM Comment

    Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. (D-Ill.) will step down from Congress Wednesday in the wake of medical concerns and a federal probe into his financial situation.