• Summer projects to keep your kids busy

    8/7/14 3:30 PM Comment

    If your kids are back at home after a whirlwind summer of camps and vacations, chances are, they're looking for some new excitement in their lives. Why not entertain them with a few fun projects that you can do with items you already have in your house?

  • Summer Steps with Step Afrika

    8/6/14 4:59 PM Comment

    D.C. area students are hard at work at Anacostia High School this week, but they aren't sitting at desks. Instead they're on the dance floor, learning about the art of stepping with the Washington Performing Arts summer camp program.

  • Tips for finishing summer school assignments

    8/6/14 4:49 PM Comment

    The school year is quickly approaching, and if your child is a procrastinator, they probably have a big pile of summer assignments left.

  • Fun exercises you can do with your kids

    7/31/14 3:21 PM Comment

    With summer camps coming to a close and the kids coming home, it's important to make sure the whole day isn't spent in front of the TV.

  • Traveling with a toddler

    7/30/14 4:16 PM Comment

    Traveling with a child is never easy. Between finding a way to keep them entertained...and choosing the right hotel room, it can be a stressful experience for a parent!

  • Save on back to school shopping

    7/30/14 4:01 PM Comment

    Before we know it, our kids will be headed back to school. For parents who want to save a little extra cash on this year's wardrobe, a consignment store is a great option.

  • Is your child ready for a cell phone?

    7/30/14 1:17 PM Comment

    It seems like kids are getting cell phones at a younger age every year, and it can be hard for parents to know when their kids are ready for the responsibility.

  • Teaching your kids about financial management

    7/30/14 9:54 AM Comment

    When it comes to managing your money, you're never too young to start learning good habits.

  • Super Fun Summer Challenge!

    7/16/14 3:28 PM Comment

    Are you looking to keep your children busy during the downtime between summer camp and your family vacation? Why not have them write a business plan, be an architect or a genealogist. It might sound like a lot, but with the "Super Fun Summer Challenge" it can be done.

  • Summer beach essentials for your family

    7/15/14 4:10 PM Comment

    Summer is the perfect time to pack up the car and head to the beach! But with sweltering temperatures and the kids in tow, a day at the beach isn't always easy.

  • Keep your kids prepared at camp

    7/9/14 2:03 PM Comment

    Summer camps are already underway, but are you making sure your kids are prepared for those long days of fun?

  • Reduce stress at home

    7/1/14 3:44 PM Comment

    Work may be stressful, but a recent study found that working women are actually more stressed at home than they are at work!

  • Man whose toddler son died in hot SUV had searched Web about kids dying in cars

    6/29/14 8:04 PM

    A Georgia man charged with murder after his 22-month-old son died in a hot SUV searched online for information about kids dying in cars and told police he feared it could happen, according to documents released Saturday as the boy's family held his funeral in Alabama.

  • "Babies on Board" barre workout for new moms

    6/5/14 2:20 PM Comment

    If you're a mom, you know that it's tough to get back in shape after having a baby. But one exercise studio believes that your baby can actually help you do it!

  • Little League baseball hits 75th anniversary

    6/5/14 10:11 AM

    Little League baseball, which is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year, has grown into an international enterprise with more 2.1 million players around the world.

  • How to handle having kids home from school

    6/2/14 4:08 PM Comment

    Summer sounds like a great chance to relax by the pool and take some much needed vacation time.

  • Summer art classes for kids

    5/30/14 3:49 PM Comment

    Learning to paint or draw is a great creative outlet for kids of all ages. That's why ARTkids offers art classes that are specially designed for kids.

  • Water safety tips

    5/23/14 5:08 PM Comment

    With pool and beach season kicking off, we're all excited to head out to catch some rays. But, it's important to be mindful of your family's safety around water.

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