• Holiday themed experiments

    12/5/12 1:34 PM Comment

    Mary Porter Green from the Curiosity Zone came on the show to show us how to make fake snow and other experiements perfect for your kids this holiday season.

  • Educational toys

    12/5/12 1:28 PM Comment

    Some of the hottest gifts this year aren't only fun, but they're educational as well. Ann Dolin, the president and founder of Educational Connections Tutoring and Ravi Robison of Smart Toys talked to Melanie about some gifts that will keep kids entertained while teaching them something valuable at the same time.

  • The latest tech gifts

    11/27/12 2:41 PM Comment

    Tech expert David King came on today to tell us about the latest gadgets that will make perfect gifts for people of all ages.

  • Holiday travel with ease

    11/21/12 3:23 PM Comment

    Elizabeth Thorp, the founder of Poshbrood, came on the show to talk about tips you need to remember to make your holiday travel easier.

  • Thanksgiving crafts and decorations

    11/21/12 12:54 PM Comment

    Craft and lifestyle expert Gina Tepper showed Melanie and Natasha ways you can get your home ready for a Thanksgiving dinner.

  • Thanksgiving crafts for kids

    11/14/12 4:40 PM Comment

    Do you want your kids to help decorate for Thanksgiving? Anjali Varma, the owner of Kidville, came on to show you easy crafts you can do with your kids.

  • Virtual Piggy: teaching your kids how to manage money

    11/14/12 12:59 PM Comment

    It's important to teach our kids how to manage their money, and with the economy the way it is these days, the sooner they learn, the better. Dr. Jo Webber, the founder and CEO of Virtual Piggy, talked to Natasha about a simple way to teach them online.

  • Dining out with fussy kids

    11/9/12 2:43 PM Comment

    Parenting expert Notoya Green talked to Natasha about dining out with fussy children and what you can do to keep them occupied.

  • Winter safety tips

    11/2/12 1:42 PM Comment

    Kate Carr, the President and CEO of Safe Kids, joined Natasha and Melanie to talk about ways you and your family can stay safe this winter.

  • Halloween activities for your kids

    10/31/12 1:08 PM Comment

    Bonnie McDaniel of "Recipes for Good Living" magazine joined Melanie to talk about ideas for both indoor and outdoor activities that will help capture the spirit Halloween.

  • LTL is joined by special guests

    10/26/12 1:23 PM Comment

    Meteorologist Brian van de Graaf's son Tony and his preschool class came on the show to sing to Natasha and Melanie.

  • Halloween safety tips

    10/25/12 2:46 PM Comment

    Dr. Toni Thompson-Chittams talked to Natasha about important safety tips for everything from candy to costumes this Halloween.

  • Inexpensive Halloween crafts

    10/23/12 1:35 PM Comment

    Gina Tepper, the founder of, stopped by to show us inexpensive and fun crafts for kids to make for Halloween.

  • Myths about concussions

    10/15/12 12:37 PM Comment

    Dr. Raymond Solano talked with Natasha and Melanie about five myths centered around concussions.

  • Halloween: D.C. area Kids’ events

    10/12/12 12:28 PM Comment

    Costumes, candy and a howlin’ good time! That’s what awaits all the little ghosts and ghouls who are planning to hit D.C.’s most hauntingly fun bashes.


  • "Happily Hungry", a cookbook for kids with cancer

    9/27/12 6:16 PM Comment

    A new cookbook is helping young cancer patients. It’s called “Happily Hungry: Smart Recipes for Kids with Cancer”. It was written by Danielle Cook Navidi whose son was diagnosed with Hodgkin Disease nine years ago.


  • Child care costs in half of states more than rent

    8/16/12 3:26 PM Comment

    A new report finds that in almost half of all states, the cost for center-based child care is more than annual median rent payments.

  • See a list of the least toxic car seats for kids

    8/3/11 5:16 PM Comment

    A just-released study says more than half of children's car seats sold in the U-S contain hazardous chemicals.

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