Laura Powell

  • Wellness Travel Trends

    6/5/15 3:57 PM Comment

    It used to be that an unusual spa treatment was something like a thai massage or hot stones.

  • What's the reason behind quirky hotel names?

    3/19/15 3:02 PM Comment

    Hotels across the U.S. are looking for ways to appeal to the younger generation of travelers. Instead of changing their amenities or services, they're changing their names.

  • Airport trends in 2015

    1/15/15 2:44 PM Comment

    For most travelers, the airports is not the best part of the travel experience. However, airports are constantly evolving, and becoming more convenient and user-friendly.

  • Last-minute gifts for globetrotters

    12/24/14 2:06 PM Comment

    Many travelers will be spending the holidays jetting around the world, so how about getting them a gift that they can use.

  • Holiday travel strategies to avoid stress

    11/14/14 2:26 PM Comment

    The holiday season is hectic enough without adding flight hassles, lost luggage and sky-high fees from airlines. But, if you plan ahead and follow a few smart travel tips, you can get to your destination in one piece!

  • Vaelntine's Day travel

    2/12/13 1:25 PM Comment

    Even though valentine's day is Thursday, some hotels are keeping the romance alive through the long Presidents Day weekend.

  • Perfect gifts for travelers

    12/20/12 1:28 PM Comment

    Laura Powell, the founder of the, came on the show to talk about unique, last-minute ideas.