• Pot legalization in D.C. raises federal questions

    5/9/14 6:19 PM

    Holding up a mock joint from his perch as chairman of a House Oversight subcommittee, a Republican congressman said a new law decriminalizing marijuana possession in the nation's capital raises plenty of questions, but he hasn't decided whether Congress should intervene.

  • D.C. Cannabis Campaign pushes to legalize marijuana

    1/14/14 11:12 PM

    Many people would prefer to keep pot out of the District, but now there's a grassroots effort to loosen the law so residents can light up legally.

  • France legalizes gay marriage

    4/23/13 7:45 PM Comment

    French lawmakers have legalized same-sex marriage after months of bruising debate and street protests that brought hundreds of thousands to Paris.

  • Marijuana ballot initiatives in Washington, Oregon, Colorado

    10/8/12 3:32 PM Comment

    Three ballot initiatives to regulate pot like alcohol have garnered much attention, in part for the hundreds of millions of dollars they could bring into state coffers and for the showdown it could set up with the federal government.