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  • Teaching your kids about financial management

    7/30/14 9:54 AM Comment

    When it comes to managing your money, you're never too young to start learning good habits.

  • A Herculean workout

    7/23/14 4:37 PM Comment

    If you're serious about getting in shape, you'll probably go to extreme lengths to build your physique...and who better to set the standard than the legendary hero, Hercules?

  • Montgomery County Farm Tour

    7/23/14 4:23 PM Comment

    The Montgomery County Farm Tour gives visitors a chance to explore 17 farms in Montgomery County. It's a celebration of locally grown food and the farmers who work to bring it to our tables.

  • "Get On Up"

    7/23/14 4:22 PM Comment

    The incredible life story of the "Godfather of Soul" is hitting the big screen. "Get On Up" is a drama that chronicles James Brown's evolution from childhood to stardom.

  • "I Origins"

    7/23/14 4:21 PM Comment

    "I Origins" tells the story of a young scientist studying the evolution of the eye. After a brief encounter with an exotic woman, the scientist makes a stunning discovery that throws into question his scientific and spiritual beliefs.

  • "Target America" at the Maryland Science Center

    7/22/14 5:03 PM Comment

    The "Target America" exhibit is a 10,000 square foot interactive exhibit that explores the cost and consequences of illegal drugs in our society. The exhibit is on a nation-wide tour, and right now, it's at the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore.

  • Cooking with seasonal fruits and vegetables

    7/22/14 5:01 PM Comment

    If you been to a local grocery store or farmers market lately, you've probably noticed that the produce section is overflowing with seasonal fruits and veggies.

  • A "Tank Top Arms" Workout

    7/22/14 4:59 PM Comment

    During the summer heat, the last thing you want to worry about is hiding your arms and shoulders. So if you're looking to get your arms tank top-ready, you'll definitely want to try this workout!

  • Summer Swimsuit Trends

    7/22/14 4:56 PM Comment

    Summer is in full swing and it's time to hit the beach! It can be daunting to bare it all in swimsuit, but with trends to fit any body type, finding the perfect swimsuit can be a breeze!

  • Sweat Proof Makeup

    7/18/14 2:06 PM Comment

    Being hot, sweaty and sticky comes with the summer season. So, it's no wonder your makeup doesn't survive the heat.

  • Doggy workouts

    7/18/14 2:02 PM Comment

    A dog on a treadmill might sound a little far-fetched, but it's actually a great way to help man's best friend lose some weight.

  • Raspberry Cake Day

    7/18/14 2:00 PM Comment

    Saturday is raspberry cake day, and what better way to celebrate then by making your own raspberry dessert?

  • Crusin' for a Cause

    7/18/14 1:58 PM Comment

    What's better than taking a leisurely cruise down the Potomac River? A cruise that also benefits a great cause!

  • Liquid nitrogen ice cream

    7/16/14 3:32 PM Comment

    CNN has come out with a list of the country's coolest ice cream shops, and one is right in our area. Nice Cream Factory puts a modern twist on the dessert business by flash freezing ice cream with liquid nitrogen.

  • Can your dog help you find love?

    7/15/14 4:51 PM Comment

    Finding love can be hard! Skip the awkward pick up lines and blind dates, and use your dog as your wing-man!

  • The do's and don'ts of summer footwear

    7/15/14 4:13 PM Comment

    Summer is the season of flip flops, peep toes and sandals. But not all of the hottest footwear styles are so hot for your feet.

  • How to eliminate complaining

    7/15/14 4:08 PM Comment

    Have you ever known someone who is committed to having a bad day? They may think there's no way to solve their problems, but in reality, eliminating complaining is rather simple.

  • "Shocked and Amazed" at Artisphere

    7/11/14 3:53 PM Comment

    Have you ever seen someone perform "the human blockhead" trick? Or escape from ropes and handcuffs? Well, the performers in the show, "Shocked and Amazed," can pull off these strange and unusual feats.

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