• Our Daily Bread's Complete the Circle Foodraiser

    11/4/14 2:17 PM Comment

    Fairfax County is one of the wealthiest counties in the nation. However, almost 76,000 people don't know on any given day if they will have a meal. The non-profit organization, Our Daily Bread, is trying to lower this number by providing food to those less fortunate.

  • Dine Out for No Kid Hungry

    9/26/14 4:54 PM Comment

    This September, you have the opportunity to help end childhood hunger in America. All month long, people can dine out at any of the thousands of restaurants nationwide supporting "No Kid Hungry." All it takes is a one dollar donation to give a child up to 10 nutritious meals.

  • Thanksgiving shoppers pick up convenient ready-to-serve meals

    11/27/13 5:52 PM

    Amidst all the last-minute Thanksgiving shoppers, there are many purchasing pre-cooked and ready-to-serve meals.


  • Soul food ingredients; hamhocks, chitterlings, fatback and more

    1/28/13 2:22 PM Comment

    Chitterlings, hog maw, chow-chow - any idea what these foods are? ABC7 is uncovering the mystery behind soul food staples.


  • The Curious Grape

    12/14/12 2:07 PM Comment

    Suzanne McGrath of the Curious Grape chatted with Natasha and Katherine about ways you can deck the halls without busting your budget!

  • Easy meals and tasty snacks

    10/15/12 1:19 PM Comment

    Registered Dietitian Rebecca Scritchfield joined Natasha and Melanie to talk about easy meals and tasty snacks that are both healthy and convenient.