• Military aid to Egypt may be cut off

    8/20/13 6:23 PM

    The Obama administration moved closer to a decision Tuesday on continuing or curtailing $1.5 billion in annual U.S. aid to Egypt amid the crackdown by military authorities there on supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi.

  • Obama mask clown at Missouri rodeo leads to resignation

    8/13/13 12:58 PM

    The president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has resigned after getting flak about a State Fair event in which a rodeo clown riled up the crowd as a bull chased a masked man imitating President Barack Obama.

  • Airport security screenings easier for military

    8/9/13 7:40 PM

    The White House says President Barack Obama has signed into law a bill making it easier for wounded or disabled members of the military and veterans to get through airport security screening.

  • Obama to answer terror alert questions in Friday news conference

    8/9/13 7:57 AM

    President Barack Obama says he will hold a news conference at the White House this afternoon.

  • Obama to sign student loan deal

    8/9/13 7:06 AM

    President Barack Obama is scheduled to sign a bipartisan compromise on student loans today. At a 3.9 percent interest rate, the average undergraduate is expected to save $1,500 over the life of a loan taken out this year.

  • President Obama speaks out about terrorist threat

    8/7/13 8:28 AM

    President Barack Obama says the threat of an imminent terrorist attack against Americans is "significant enough that we're taking every precaution."

  • Obama heads to Phoenix to pitch mortgage reform

    8/6/13 1:32 PM

    President Barack Obama is expected to outline proposals for overhauling the nation's mortgage finance system during a visit to Phoenix today. The White House says the plans include shutting down government-backed Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

  • DACA lawsuit dismissed by federal judge

    7/31/13 6:46 PM

    A federal judge has dismissed a lawsuit challenging President Barack Obama's policy of stopping the deportation of some young immigrants in the country illegally.

  • Obama proposes 'grand bargain' for jobs

    7/30/13 8:07 AM

    President Barack Obama is heading to an Amazon.com distribution center in Tennessee today to try a different approach to breaking a budget gridlock with Republicans.

  • SCOTUS to hear Obama recess appointments case

    6/24/13 5:33 PM Comment

    The Supreme Court on Monday waded into a major constitutional clash between President Barack Obama and congressional Republicans that could fundamentally limit a president's use of recess appointments to fill high-level administration posts.

  • Obama to unveil national climate change plan on Tuesday

    6/22/13 3:50 PM Comment

    President Barack Obama says he'll unveil a national plan to combat climate change in a speech Tuesday.

  • Obama to nominate Comey for head of FBI

    6/20/13 6:00 PM Comment

    President Barack Obama on Friday plans to nominate President George W. Bush's former No. 2 at the Justice Department, Jim Comey, to lead the FBI as the bureau grapples with privacy debates over a host of recently exposed investigative tactics.

  • Obama to take advantage of advances in wireless

    6/14/13 11:24 AM Comment

    Obama is directing federal agencies to be more efficient in their use of radio spectrum and to make more capacity available to satisfy the growing demand for broadband Internet.

  • Obama nominates Jason Furman as chairman of Council of Economic Advisers

    6/10/13 6:18 PM Comment

    Obama calls Jason Furman, 42, one of the most brilliant economic minds of his generation. He says Furman never forgets he's fighting for the middle class and those who aspire to join it.

  • Inside Washington June 9, 2013

    6/7/13 5:10 PM Comment

    This week on Inside Washington: What price freedom? The government snooping debate.

  • Obama visits Walter Reed

    6/4/13 6:21 PM Comment

    The president visited Walter Reed for nearly two hours and met with 21 wounded service members - 13 in the Army, six in the Marines, one in the Navy and one in the Air Force.

  • Obama nominates three judges: Millett, Pillard, Wilkins

    6/4/13 11:21 AM Comment

    Issuing a forceful challenge to Senate Republicans, President Barack Obama nominated three judges to the influential federal appeals court in Washington.

  • GOP lawmakers battle GOP governors over Obamacare

    6/2/13 8:37 AM Comment

    Conservative Republican legislators in major states are trying to block efforts by more pragmatic governors of their own party to accept health insurance for more low-income residents under President Barack Obama's health care law.

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